colours of Autumn

The cooler air, the different light, the crispness on your cheeks.

Autumn is certainly here now and with it everything seems to be deeply exhaling.

A gentle sigh.

Not the sticky wet heat that was summer.

A chance to stop and look at things with an alertness that I haven’t felt for months.

A soft breeze from far away mountain tops, stop me…

Tilting my head towards it, I embrace it and let it fill my soul.

Autumn brings promise.

A promise of creativity, warming foods, cradled mugs, looped scarves, and long exploring walks holding soft little hands.

Hands that one day will shake mine off in embarrassment.

So I’m savouring every second.

23 thoughts on “colours of Autumn

  1. It is hard to believe I will soon be coming home to autumn when spring is happening all around me here. I love autumn and winter in Brisbane is just about perfect. It won’t be a trial. Make sure you hold those soft little hands as much as possible.


  2. These photos are lovely! I completely share your sentiment about autumn. Unfortunately, over here in Canada we are just getting into full-fledged spring. Which means the sticky hot days of summer are just around the corner. Enjoy the beautiful crisp fresh air!


  3. And yet it sounds so wrong, to us on the other side. Thanks for the reminder that so much of life is dependent on how we look at it – in fact, that reality itself may well exist only inside each of us.

    OK, I’ll stop now – but thanks for the moment of reflection and beauty.


  4. It is beautiful! Autumn, that is.
    Your photos and prose are a fitting tribute- you are not only a good mother, and great cook- but a talented writer, Brydie!
    Thanks for sharing your seasons with us.
    I love the picture with the weeds and little hand- my sons and I used to go on “nature walks” when they were little- and yesterday, by adult son referenced back on how much he loved exploring the world by my side. Enjoy this time- you are building some powerful memories- a bridge into the future.


  5. I dread the day they shake my hand away.

    I am in a totally different place, with the hope and promise and anticipation of spring, after a long, hard, cold winter. I feel like everything is coming alive, finally, after being dormant for so long. The sun shining upon my face, it doesn’t get better than that!


  6. gorgeous – and nice reminder to enjoy holding little hands while they are happy to grip tightly – love the sunlight on those apples – autumn is such a wonderful season


  7. It’s Spring here and flowers are in full bloom, but I miss the colors and perfumes of Autumn. Its vibrant reds and stunning yellows have always enchanted me. Maybe because to many people Autumn is a sad season: a forced passage from the joy of summer to the cold freeze of Winter, but to me Autumn is, yes, melancholic, but also romantic and passionate. Enjoy your Autumn season!


  8. You’re in autumn and we’re in spring. I love autumn, and you describe it so well – it almost makes me long for it, but I will still linger in spring for the time being. Beautiful photographs!


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