Fruit and Nut Sourdough

Each week I make a loaf of sourdough just for me. For me, me, me.

Anyone else is quite welcome to eat it too. However, The Monkeys usually clamp their lips shut and swiftly shake their heads at the offer and there are usually far too many fruity pieces in there for Mr Chocolate to happily call these loaves his own.

So, I make one up for me. It does the whole week and I get to start the day off in a way that kicks starts the happy tastebuds.

Add a cup of chai tea drunk from my favourite op-shop green mug and the day begins.

I’ve played with The Almost Uber Healthy Loaf, a Spiced Apple Loaf, Dan Lepard’s Raisin and Cinnamon Loaf and now this little buddle of goodness. Packed full of all things good and healthy, there is no guilt at all when I slap inch thick peanut butter on it.

Fruit and Nut Sourdough

300gms starter

100gms (about a cup) mixture of pecan halves, linseed meal, sunflower seeds

1 tps dark malt flour

25gms (1/2 cup) unprocessed bran

150gms sultanas, chopped prunes (they were squishy and soft already, if they were really dried I would have soaked them first.)

1 tps cinnamon

190gms strong bakers flour

300mls water (approx)

1 1/4 tps salt

almonds to decorate

The usual mix, rest period, add salt, mix again. Prove, fold, prove, shape, prove. Baked at 240C, for approx 20mins and then lowered to 200C for approximately another 10 minutes. The toasted whole almonds on top give a lovely crunch to the slices.

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26 thoughts on “Fruit and Nut Sourdough

  1. OH yes, that looks delicious!! And what a great idea to make a loaf just for you rather than ALWAYS trying to keep things the way little ones like them.




  2. Good on you. Making a loaf just for you that is. When the kids were little, nobody in this family other than me, liked spinach or capsicum. Well, thankfully times have changed. It did however mean that I missed out on those two foods for about ten years. I simply didn’t bother because no one else would eat them. I woke up one day and cooked spinach and capsicum, just for me. I wish I’d done it a lot earlier. I wouldn’t say no to a piece of your healthy bread. Smothered with butter that is.


    • No capsicum or spinach? That was a long time to go without Mariana. Thankfully The Monkeys eat capsicum, the one vegetable that they BOTH consistently eat. I’d swap you some bread for some of your pavlova…I’m still thinking about it.


  3. You could make one for me too – that one looks like perfect breakfast food. I like all the ingredients, squishy prunes, sunflower seeds, all delicious, healthy packed full of nutrients. That one is definitely a winner all round πŸ˜€


  4. Looks delicious – the perfect start to the day. And I would say it’s a bonus that none of the rest of the family are tempted to steal any!


  5. Looking good! I do love a bread with seeds in it…abundant seeds! Hubby calls it ‘bird seed bread’. Is there nothing nicer than savouring a cup of tea out of a favourite op shop tea cup with a slice of homemade bread to boot? Serenity! πŸ™‚


  6. where do you buy your specialty flours from? looking for things like tapioca flour, sorghum flour and sweet rice flour.


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