Pasta Frittata- Frugal Friday

Pasta frittata. So darn tooting easy, it’s not funny.

About 5 minutes before you want to eat dinner. Get that left over cooked pasta out of the fridge. Depending on how much pasta is there, add a few eggs. Use a fork to mix it through, you want the pasta well coated. In a thick bottomed frying pan add a good couple of slurps of olive oil, then pop in your egg pasta. Spread it round until it’s even, whack the lid on, medium heat and it’s ready when there is no runny bits of egg.

Too easy.

Want a bit more taste to it? Add any cooked vegetables that are also lingering in the fridge, (garlic roasted vegetables, steamed broccoli, garlicky zucchini etc). What ever you’ve got, stick it in with the pasta and egg mixture, and pop that lid on.

Or keep it plain, and serve with a seasonal salad.

As this is a very budget friendly, minimal effort, easy peasy, healthy kinda dinner. It will leave ample room to savour the Chocolate Brandy Layer Cake for later.

Buon Appetito.

35 thoughts on “Pasta Frittata- Frugal Friday

  1. I made something kind of similar over the summer…less egg, a little Parmesan, spaghetti sauce, mozzarella…and you have pasta pizza! (adding peperoni or peppers or olives or whatever makes it tasty too…)Okay now I’m craving some of that carby goodness.


  2. Oh, the joy of food. It is what adds to life quality. Really. Good food is soul food. And you frittata my friend, is giving my soul some cravings.


  3. I made a pasta quiche once, but nothing as yummy looking as that!! My kids would love that… esp. if I add bacon and bit of goats cheese. I will add pesto to mine. Yum, weekend dinner here we come. (I keep cooked pasta in the freezer, which would be an easy & quick way to do it too!)


  4. Your pics are really gorgeous. Love the eggs. I used up heaps of veggies up in the fridge yesterday. I made a pilaf but pasta is the next best thing. Great idea with binding all your ingredients together in the pan. Have a good weekend cityhippyfarmgirl!

    Ps: I cracked up reading your comment to Joanna. Any food blogger that takes photos understands you completely. So true.


  5. I love these quick dishes..always satisfying not only because in the end they’re full of flavour combinations but you can clean out the fridge and pantry….always great when there’s dessert to finish off the evening! x


  6. Oh this looks awesome, and so darn simple. What a tasty little treat, Mr HG will love this, I shall whip up a batch on the weekend and see what he thinks. 🙂


  7. Great idea, Brydie, and so simple! We have a glut of eggs at the moment, so I’ll file this recipe away for the next time we have leftover pasta (though I must admit, it doesn’t happen often here!) 🙂


  8. This looks really yummy!
    My guys are carbhounds so the pasta is usually NOT leftover.
    But I can make it with fresh pasta .
    Love your photos- love your recipes.
    Hugs to the monkeys!!!


  9. looks delicious – though it depends on having leftover pasta in the fridge – I never remember this sort of recipe until it is too late and I have missed my opportunity with leftovers – next time must remember


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