upcycling to gift tags

Gift tags are such a simple thing to make. You can upcycle so many things to make instant eye catching tags that re-cycle something, look pretty good and don’t cost anything. Scissors, a hole punch and imagination are all that’s needed.

Christmas cards are a great thing to chop up, (thanks to Tricia for the point in the right direction with this one). Just make sure there is no writing on the other side.

Gift to match: Anything Christmassy.

Cereal boxes. I know that sounds a bit odd, and it would depend on what cereal you buy maybe… but with the right gift, I think it works.

Gift to match: Jar of muesli/granola, box of muffins.

Chocolate wrappings. Ok, this isn’t going to work if it’s a mars bar. But if you are buying some tip top chocolate once in awhile, it seems a shame to spend all that money on some delicious chocolate, for it not to get a second go doesn’t it? (See this post, on how to make wrapping paper and cards from chocolate wrappers.)

Gift to match: Anything, it looks a bit different.

Biscuit/Cookie boxes. Again, maybe not for any old box, but given the right one and it can look rather interesting I think. I was given these as a gift and loved the box so much it just sat there empty for a few months on a shelf. The Monkeys had been told to keep their little mits off it until I had decided what to do with it.

Gift to match: Something lovely.

So many things can be turned into a gift tag, or used as a small card. Perfume boxes, old calendars, pasta boxes… lots and lots of things to have fun with and give a new life to.


27 thoughts on “upcycling to gift tags

  1. Great idea. I love to make my own gift tags as they can be very expensive to buy and sometimes I just feel a bit scungy. I buy sheets of shiny cardboard (usually green) and chop it up. For 60 cents you get dozens of gift tags.


    • Thankfully someone suggested using the paintings to me last year. Otherwise I’d have a huge pile of very ‘special’ paintings all the time! They don’t seem to mind using them as wrapping paper though.
      …and upcycle is a cool word πŸ™‚


  2. Gift tags from old christmas, birthday and greetings cards is all I’ve ever used for tags, but had not though of using food boxes before. I shall now think twice before putting those out for recycling. As you know, I’m very taken with your chocolate wrapper idea and used it with great success this Christmas. Keep those wonderful ideas of yours coming.


  3. These are just gorgeous. The snail is definitely my favourite. What a simple idea, but if is so effective. I love that these can be made from things that are already around the house and no extra money needs to be spent to make something that will generally just be thrown away. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. I love your upcycling ideas-
    love even more what this post says about you, Brydie!
    You are such a giving individual- ideas, breads, small gifts come from you so freely.
    It is a pleasure to know you- even from such a distance.
    Thank you.


  5. Great ideas here. I always use my christmas cards for shopping lists during the year. Of course I run out well before the next christmas. I can’t seem to do the same with birthday cards. For some reason they seem a little more personal and I just leave those intact. There is a growing stockpile in the cupboard. Perhaps it’s time to revisit and use some of your lovely ideas. I guess it’s a great way to recycle.


  6. I always make sure and tell people and/or write it on the other side: “under no circumstances are you to write a thank you note! Seeing your smile was enough for me.” That way it saves them going and buying a thank you card (which you could similarly make out of interesting stuff) and spending on postage, not to mention their precious time.


  7. You are absolutely correct! Often, it’s the creative way something is presented that makes it so beautiful – and your idea is a great one. I do a lot of baking and I give a lot of my breads away, but I lack a ‘creative’ gene, and I usually just cover the bread with a sheet of tissue paper and plop it in a plastic grocery bag – guess that means that the bread better be damn good.


  8. Very cute tags! I desperately needed some tags the other day and could only find some bought ones made by the local primary school kids from their last fete. It would be very handy to have a supply of homemade tags to dive into at a moment’s notice. Loving the snail tag! πŸ™‚


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