Blueberry Jam

Blueberry Jam

500gms blueberries

250mls water

bring it to a simmer

now slowly add

500gms sugar

1/2 lime juice


a slow rolling boil until the jam thickens and passes the saucer test.


So what is the saucer test? Grab a small saucer and pop it in to the freezer while your jam is cooking. If you keep casting your eyes over the cooking jam, you will start to see the consistency changing, it will start to look like a thicker rolling boil. If you think it has started to thicken, get the cold saucer out of the freezer and dollop a small spoonful of jam on to it. Swirl it round a bit, and (hopefully) you will see that it has thickened up. Try running a finger through it. If it’s ready it will wrinkle a little and feel thicker.

34 thoughts on “Blueberry Jam

  1. We’re jammin’ here too.
    Blackberry and plum.
    And wow you use gorgeous plates for testing. I have always used my crappiest. I think I might take your lead next batch. Its bound to taste yummier. X


    • Ahh, blackberry…if only.
      That little plate was a $1 at an op shop. It was supposed to be incorporated into a gift for someone, but ended up as a favourite in my kitchen. I’m sure things do taste better for being eaten off it!


  2. Oh, yum! Blueberry jam is up there on my list to make one day..I’ve made strawberry/blueberry but would love to try just blueberry on it’s own! Your’s looks divine. One of the most helpful tips I have read about jam making was that just before setting point, the jam changes texture (like you said) and the bubbles appear ‘gummy’. Now I’m always on the lookout for those gummy bubbles, lol! Make sure you swirl some through your homemade yoghurt, ok? 🙂


  3. Yum! I never make good jam. Will try yours! Although this year on a 43deg day all of our blueberries instantly desiccated! Was so disappointed! Am sure the birds were too!
    Love how you’ve packaged the jam too.


  4. I used to love making jam when I lived on my farm, but moving t the city it became so expensive to buy the fruit!! I’m heading to a farmers market this afternoon, I might keep an eye out for well priced berries or apricots! Nothing like a day spent over a bubbling cauldron of delicious sweet!


  5. I’m so glad Celia asked and answered about frozen blueberries!
    I’m making some out of the frozen bounty in my freezer.
    Thanks for the recipe!
    ( and for the jelly snakes! Here we call them gummy worms. But they don’t taste as good! I love the flavor and the NOT too SWEET texture!
    My grandson was in love with the one I shared with him. He figures that snakes are delicious! ” Hmm. I never knew snakes tasted so good!”)


  6. Interesting that you only bring it to a simmer before you begin to add the sugar. I would have cooked it longer, but then I guess the lovely round blueberries would disintegrate and not look so gorgeous and whole as they do in your photo. Another jam girl. Ohh I love finding jam-makers. Gorgeous post.


  7. There is something about home made jam. Nostalgia, authenticity, soul and exploding flavors. I absolutely love the look of this one. Blueberries are little forest gems…


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