Armenian Nutmeg Cake

I had a vague recolection of eating this cake once as a kid. It had popped back in my mind and the kitchen wasn’t going to be a happy place until I knocked one off.

Boy am I glad I did. So easy, and quite, quite tasty. The yogurt in it keeps it lovely and moist, letting the cake still taste just as good about 5 days later, and the nuts give it a bit of texture. It does puff up quite a bit with the bicarbonate soda in it, so don’t as I did, open the door and to peak inside, as it will deflate a little.

Also where ever you are, change the nuts on top to what’s local to you. I’m sure a lot of different kinds will taste just as delicious.

Armenian Nutmeg Cake

2 cups brown sugar

2 cups s/r flour (300gms)

125gms softened butter

mix it all together, until it looks like fine bread crumbs. Halve it. Placing one half in a greased and lined tin (approx 23cm- I used a springform), press it down firmly.

with the other half add

1 cup natural yoghurt

1 egg

1 tsp bicarbonate soda

2 tsp ground nutmeg

1 tps cinnamon

mix it together, and pop it on top of the other mixture

decorate with whatever nuts are in your area, I used macadamias.

Bake at 180C for approximately 50 minutes.


37 thoughts on “Armenian Nutmeg Cake

  1. It looks delicious! I love a good spice cake. I’ve even got whole nutmeg in my pantry. It’s fate… I have to make it. I’ll let you know how I go & I’ll try my hardest not to peek halfway.
    Thanks for the recipe.


  2. I know enough about baking to know that sugar plays a big role in creating texture and character – but this delicious looking baby has just a bit more sugar than I’d like – what do you think about halving the sugar? What might be the result? Oh, what the hay, I’m going try it anyway.


    • Dr it is a bucket load of sugar in this one I admit. I usually try and tone down the sugar a bit but didn’t with this one. I think it would work, but I would maybe make sure the sugar was a dark one that has a bit more flavour to it…like a muscavado or something like it.
      Good luck!


  3. This post came at a perfect time as I was looking for something else to do beside go for an early morning run!! I added ground ginger and mixed spice, reduced the sugar and added a little more yoghurt and then topped it with crushed almonds – delicious it was too! Thanks for the inspiration (and distraction)…though it did mean that at 1030 this morn we sat down to cake, ice cream and coffee.


  4. This sounds yummie I might try it, I love a little spice in cakes, reminds me of Goodie Ol Grumpeties cake. I’ve never liked eggplant but your curry might just make me like it and we have the best coconut straight from our trees.

    This link has amazing photos of bubbles if you wish to see, you will have to click on the bubbles option.


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  6. My best friend used to make this cake quite often. Only she made it with ground nutmeg. I can only imagine that freshly grated nutmeg would really enhance the smell, taste and flavour of this cake. I love using freshly grated nutmeg these days. Your cake looks very moorish.


  7. What an interesting cake, it’s such fun when you come across a different method of baking a cake and this is a first for me. Looks very nice indeed. Love your supersize nutmegs 😉


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