the week that was

The week that was.

My brain is a little scrambled this week. Flitting from one side to the other, one idea bouncing to the next.

I’ve got creative energy to burn but not sure where to direct it.

Maybe it’s because of  Valentines Day looming, and a new transition period for us. I feel an overwhelming love for my boys and Mr Chocolate at the moment, that seems so big I just want to squeeze them until they beg to be unsquashed.

Monkey Boy started school. He was fine. Little Monkey and I ran around like crazy people doing 101 things in between drop off and pick up time. Seeing Monkey Boy grin from ear to ear as he waves goodbye to us, tramping his way up to the classroom. Seeing that same grinning smile as he rounds the corner to be picked up in the afternoons. The whole transition is certainly made easier by seeing him so happy.

Contentment in a cup of chai tea.

I over heard an older kid in the playground declare to his friend that he was a “common nerd” for not being able to climb a tree properly. He then proceeded to show his friend how it was supposed to be done. This still makes me chuckle two days later.

Mr Chocolate working too much. Showing him some love by making ham and egg pizza.

A wobbly tooth.

Rainy Saturdays with The Monkeys, spent making, glueing, cutting, taping, and creating. Not giving a hoot about the mess that lay trailed behind them.

Breathing in and breathing out. Ready to start again…

What’s been happening in your week?

28 thoughts on “the week that was

  1. Your life sounds bliss my friend, good on you. So lovely to hear of a Momma & her boys all enjoying their time together, I think its the way its meant to be. My week has been manic but kind of good all the same, I feel like I’ve just stepped through or up or reached the other side of a headspace I’ve been a bit stuck in, so I’m cheerin’
    Have an awesome Sunday girlfriend 🙂


  2. I love the “common nerd” I may have to use that one myself. My son was happy at school too. It must be hard if they don’t. Lucky you, having 3 boys to love.


  3. Hello B!! I understand! Back to school…lots of running about always an anxious time until you see your little one safely tucked into the routine and happy 🙂 Think we worry far more than the kids do which is how it’s meant to be I guess. Your pizza looks awesome! Yum!


  4. Playing with little boys.
    Shopping with and for little boys.
    Making pizza and stew and cheese and onion enchiladas.
    Reading and writing,knitting and cleaning.
    Baking, baking, baking.
    That’s what I’ve been doing.
    So glad that school has been a happy transition for you!


  5. We’ve been enjoying the new kitty…frustrated about the transmition in our new (to us) van…and frustrated with the broken oven…but having a new found respect for the range top…trying to concoct new and interesting things on it rather than baking things. Good luck with common nerd friends! I’m glad they are not unusual nerds or something like insane nerds.


  6. I became an aunt today for the second time. Little Celina came to the world, directly from the inner source of the universe and I am ready to knit; PINK!


  7. Over here in California -the land of all food innovation- is The California Pizza Kitchen – quite famous for its many unique kinds of pizza – When asked where he looks for new pizza ideas, the genius at the top replied, “I look for new sandwich ideas from around the world. Anything that makes a great sandwich will make a great pizza!”

    When I looked at your beautiful pic of the pizza, one I’ve never seen before BTW, my thought was, “Of course – why not?” A very delicious looking creation.


    • The USA doesn’t do egg pizzas Dr? It was a simple one, those sourdough flatbreads (that I use a LOT) as the base, some free range heritage breed ham, an egg dropped in the middle, cherry toms, and under the grill. A drizzle of olive oil over the top, (or a slosh as my hand slipped as I was drizzling.)


  8. It is such an exciting time when the kids start school, but then also sad when the last one in the nest begins their academic career. When my youngest started school I felt quite lost. As I made my weekly visit to our Central Markets alone for the first time in many years, I became quite moist. That is, until I got a call from the school telling me she had hurt herself in the playground and I got to pick her up and keep her home for another week!


  9. Crazy busy here too… school going back always takes a little bit of time to get used to again. My dad’s not too well and had a couple of days in hospital – visiting after fighting traffic, I don’t know how people battle traffic everyday! Trying to squeeze in some gardening in between bike rides with kids and shuttling to and from after school activities.

    It sounds like you are squeezing each moment for all it has to offer. 🙂 Love is in the air must be that old St Valentine watching over us. I nearly suffocated the cat with affection. xx


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