Payment for the babysitter?

I owe the babysitter for an hours work. However I’m not sure how to pay it?…
Leafy greens?
This slimey little guy entertained The Monkeys for an hour and he still remained intact at Β the end of it all…
this can’t be said of all other babysitters.

22 thoughts on “Payment for the babysitter?

    • Celia they are disgusting little slime bags, but if they can manage to keep two energetic boys entertained for an hour, and still come out unscathed, well I have to tip my hat to them. Free babysitters are always appealing πŸ™‚


  1. Slugs are so ick! Even the word slug is ick. I don’t think I could be around one for an hour even if they were occupying my kids. We have a gang that gets into our house at night and leaves those slimey trails behind. *Ick*!


  2. Huh? You didn’t toss the critter in with your dough and create some fantastical slug and cumin seed loaf. Come on Brydie, pick up the game!!!!

    Great pics!


  3. That is very sweet! Where on earth did you find such a creature in your urban habitat? Your dear monkey looks captivated!

    When it comes to slugs nothing annoys me more than when they’ve been out after some rain, leaving their gooey slime all over our lovely fresh lettuce in the garden…ugh!! It’s a minimum of three rinses…THREE! Ugh! πŸ™‚


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