Iced VoVo’s

The humble Iced VoVo I mentioned back here in this post. Since I mentioned it, I have been plagued by thoughts of these biscuits. I eyed them off in the supermarket, $1.90- bargain…but so full of ‘stuff’. Tickity Tock goes my brain... lets give them a crack. Not the most wonderful thing I have ever made… But they were fun, and I really did have a giggle while eating them.

Now I’ve made them, I can move on.

Iced VoVo’s

Biscuit Base

125gms softened butter

1/2 cup caster sugar

1 beaten egg

2 tps vanilla

1 1/2 cups plain flour

Cream butter, sugar, vanilla, egg and then add flour. KNead to a smooth dough. Roll out to an approximate square shape and then with a knife cut out squares the size you would like. Bake at 180C, until light golden and cool.

Coconut Icing

Equal parts icing sugar to desicated coconut, adding a little water as you go. Just enough to bind the two together.

Squish it together and lay them on the biscuits, add a dollop of jam in between (I used my Vanilla Plum Jam) and viola…Iced VoVo biscuits (of a sort.)


14 thoughts on “Iced VoVo’s

  1. I love iced vo-vo’s. I’ve got to make them, (we’re having a snooty afternoon tea party where we girls all dress up & bring out the fine china…., which of course I don’t actually own, but I’m tearing off to St Vinnies to buy a cup n saucer & matching plate to bring (also another weird requirement of said snooty tea party). Should be fun….., & these iced vo-vo’s are just the thing. Theyre very ‘gurly’ don’t you think?


  2. While on a visit to Australia, I introduced the strail of biscuits to my neice….one she picked out was iced vo-vo’s another classic to us Aussie girls Tim Tams….I’ll give her a copy of your recipe…I think she’d love it! xx


  3. OMG!!!! I’m so excited for this!!!! I’m an aussie living in LA and I die over the fact that I can never have Iced VoVo’s with a cuppa! Thank you thank you!
    xo tash


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