feeling mortal…I think we need to do some cooking

Strangely enough I am not superhuman. This came as a bit of a shock. I thought as long as you put the fuel in, were kind to your body, mind and soul things would continue on even after major hiccups like hospital stays. Apparently it’s not true though.

Apparently even super heros get sick now and then.

Now I know I’m no super hero, and never try and pretend that I am, but getting blasted with a virus (with super evil powers) still was a bit of a shock. The kind of virus that lands Little Monkey in hospital for two days, Monkey Boy not to eat for 6 days and me to be a quivering mess in a darkened corner for far too long, (I have things to do damn it!)

So what does this have to do with cooking? It dawned on me as I pointed Mr Chocolate towards the fridge and told him “whatever” to feed our children for another consecutive night that all the cooking is central around me. The Monkeys are too little to really help out, and there is only so long the freezer meals will last. Mr Chocolate does long working hours so all the cooking pretty much I do. I have all these simple recipes in my head that mean the difference between screaming toddler at 4.30pm, who just needs a little something to tide him over until dinner, but all fairly useless if I’m not there to execute them.

If I was really sick for a really long time or really wanted a really long holiday…(oh!) Does that mean that’s the end of all the food that my family rely on and enjoy? Now don’t get me wrong, Mr Chocolate can cook a bit, and certainly wouldn’t let the boys starve but if he knew how to cook a few of the staples it would make me feel a little easier.

Even just to feed the sourdough starter.

So last weekend was spent with Mr Chocolate becoming Mr Sourdough and Mr Biscuit. The following weekend will be spent in a similar fashion, compulsory cooking classes.

Everyday Biscuits

* for use for snacks, cure for my belly is so hungry I may explode before dinner, or some after dinner dunking.

100gms softened butter

1/2 cup honey (125mls- a little more if you want them chewier)

1 tsp vanilla

1 1/2 cups plain flour (225g)

Cream the butter, honey, vanilla and then add flour. Lightly roll in a ball, then squish down a little. Bake at 180C until light golden.

Now how easy is that?


21 thoughts on “feeling mortal…I think we need to do some cooking

  1. I hope Monkey Boy is feeling better. I am fortunate that DH does cook, however if it were just him to feed the girls I fear they would eat Ramen and chicken nuggets way to much (but hey at least he adds fresh carrots, celery and onion to the Ramen packets.


  2. Thanks lovely ladies, everyone is healthy again which is great, and the super virus has been banished for good, I hope!

    Heidiannie- no leavening agent for these biscuits (cookies), they are good for dunking in to an afternoon espresso.


  3. Oh my! I hope you are all feeling better. That is just the worst! I can’t imagine Steve doing all the cooking, and I can’t imagine not being able to do it, though I’ve been sick before. It has happened! The horror! Really, though, I hope you and your family are on the mend. Makes me want to prepare and make him go through the paces….h.mmm.


  4. It’s no fun when a superhero loses their powers. I hope everyone is on the mend now. What better way to restore your powers than a dunking biscuit!

    As for the man-training, may I say you are a brave soul? I think that feeding a sourdough starter would extend beyond the capabilities of most men I know…hmmm. Good luck with that! 🙂


  5. Oh dear, what have I missed? I hope you are all fine now. Being ill is bad enough, but when you have little monkey’s to worry about , it must be tough. Still impressed that Mr C is prepared to go through sourdough and biscuit lessons.


  6. Christine and Choclette- its funny, we have all gotten used to a certain ‘standard’ with our food. Mr Chocolate’s bottom lip pouts a little if we have to have bought bread and not sour dough now, and a sigh of relief when I am back in the kitchen making some again. Makes sense that he knows how to do it, even if for only his own belly happiness 🙂


  7. well bless his heart for being willing. my husband is a great man but if he had to feed himself and the kid, they’d be eating fried eggs and takeout, no doubt about it. he peels my potatoes and he does the dishes, and that’s as good as it’s ever going to get for me 🙂
    good to read you’re all better.


  8. i’l looking forward to preparing these lovely cookies! pls would you help me with the conversion in grams/ounces for the 1/2 cup honey & 1 1/2 cups plain flour? sometimes the conversion measures found on internet are confusing between countries (aus, europe, uk, usa), so i rely safely on your reply! 🙂 thx so much! sunny summer greetings fm greece!


  9. thx so much! i’ll let you know for the sweet outcome! recently i prepared my version of apple anzac biscuits looking for a healthy office snac instead of buying ready-made oat bars. would you like to post it for you? greetings! 🙂


  10. I’m glad you’re all feeling better again (as per your comment reply above…). Being sick is no fun at all, and being sick with sick little monkeys would be considerably worse! I suppose having your husband learn to cook is a bonus though 🙂


  11. good morning brydie! wish you all well!
    fab biscuits! i made them last weekend and i added 100 gr melted chocolate as a variation; however i had to reduce baking time to 12′ to my oven! 🙂


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