Some people see a puddle to side step.

Others see hours of fun…

The sheer joy and happiness on his face, racing through the puddles.

18 thoughts on “Puddles

  1. It is so much fun to jump in puddles. My girls go crazy! Lucky for them we have had so much rain this winter and our backyard floods…so they’ve had a lot of puddle fun!


  2. I just bought the greatest puddle jumping boots last November! I might be a bit old- but it is more fun to jump into puddles when you have someone next to you that you can splash!
    Love your pictures and the wonderful reflections!


  3. Looks very much like a scene from my neck of the woods on most days of this soggy week! Sometimes the frowns I get from other parents as I let my little ones soak themselves silly are a bit off-putting, but really, what speaks of childhood more than splashing in puddles with abandonment?


  4. Your little fellow brought a smile to my face. Our seven grandchildren and I used to go “creek stomping” when they were younger. We’d roll up our pants legs, put on old tennis shoes and stomp down the creek. What fun!

    Thanks for the memories.


  5. Puddles, mud, and dancing in the rain. These are some of my kids best memories (and mine too). We love puddles (now if I could just get GreenGirl to leave off the puddles when we are dressed up and headed to her spring concert… but hey the heart and soul of an artist, who would want to stifle that.


  6. Thanks Yvette 🙂 It was funny taking the pictures.

    Gina, I find especially not having a back yard to explore in, that these puddle moments are really important…and whats the worst thats going to happen? Clothing and shoes get wet- I’m fine with that.

    HI Diane, like I said to heidiannie- that is exactly the kind of Grandma that kids want. Stomping down the creek sounds like delightful fun!

    TreeHugginMomma- Thats how I felt watching Little Monkey splashing- sheer joy on his face racing up and down, how could and why would I want to stop that?


  7. When I took a look at these photos, it ocurred to me that they look very “This Moment..”-ish (soulemama), especially the first one….

    Our backyard is a sloshpit and if you lived closer you would all be welcome to come and stomp to your heart’s content…. 🙂


  8. Lovely 🙂

    I’ve always let my daghter run and jump throgh puddles. It makes me smile… But recently a few times when in a rush she’s gone out of her way to deliberately jump in a puddle. Wet all over!

    So my challenge at the moment is to teach her to recognise when its a good time to jump in a puddle….and when its best to simply jump over it or side step 🙂


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