7 little things…

In the last week, I have been passed on three lovely “get to know you” awards (sunshineaward.jpg and onelovelyblog.jpg ) to me by three equally lovely people (Clutterpunk, Light Shade of Green and Twisted Vines). It really is lovely to feel part of a bloggy community.

…and really?… you actually want to know 7 MORE things about me?…Alrighty then.

1/ I love vintage kids books. The original Grimm Brothers stories, and all the wonderful pictures people have put to the stories over the years… I say pfffft to Disney, give me gore.

2/ I knew my man was the one for me when I found out he could quote as much from the movie ‘The Blues Brothers’ as I could. Who needs visuals when between the two of us we could go through the whole dialogue and soundtrack….obviously as kids we had far too much time on our hands.

3/ I am fascinated with all things related to women’s health, pregnancy and babies. I’m a hands on belly kind of gal…beware.

4/ I love nothing better than a daggy dance off. One day I will get to Wrong Prom if it kills me.

5/ As a kid I could make an Iced VoVo biscuit last a full 20 minutes. First you got to nibble and grind all that biscuit off with your teeth and then the you slooowly sucked the marshmallow and jam until it just disolves. I always was a saver not a scoffer…oh how things have changed!

6/ In my dream kitchen everything would either be retro, or brand spanking new and still looks retro, and all in a lovely retro green colour.

7/ My ultimate dream would be to own a B&B in a foodie orientated area, the area full of lots ‘green’ like minded souls. Where the local river is heard with swimming kids jumping off ropes, the star lit night is filled with the sounds of laughing and drums. Jagged snow capped mountains dot the distance and my espresso pot is always at the ready for people dropping by…ahhhhh.

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18 thoughts on “7 little things…

  1. Oh no….While I was reading your seven things I was thinking ‘I’m so glad I havn’t had one of these awards. I’m not this interesting’….and then I saw you included me. Aw shucks! Thank you so very much.


  2. Thanks for mentioning me, as well! I put up my 7 things but I’m not going to pass it along, right now- most of my old blogger friends are on hiatus right now.
    I , too, have always wanted to open a B+B and I am following an abbreviated version of that dream. My niece just bought a huge house on the Eastern coast of Virginia in a family style resort island and in the off- season I’m setting up workshops on the weekends. I will be teaching bread techniques, and decorating skills (faux finishing, renovating flea market furniture, etc.) and herbal and floral classes ( potpourris, lavender wands, herbal teas and sachets of culinary herbs) , cookie decorating, quilting. I’m just setting this up and am a little nervous and very excited. My first weekend will be for bloggers from NE Ohio- a chance to meet friends in person.
    Dreams can come true. or at least partially.


    • That sounds absolutely perfect! I have dreams just like that. A huge studio attached to the B&B where weekend workshops can be run. If I was in your area I would be there for some bread techniques. Hope to hear how it all goes…very exciting!!


  3. Yay, I’m such a sticky beak, lovely to know more about you! I will definitely come and stay at your B&B if it ever happens (and it’d better, oh yes). Maybe you can have a little stash of ‘tragic dance movies’ on the shelf there – my hubby and I are really quite tragic for a dance-off too, and will watch any B or C-grade dance film out there. Yo.


  4. oh brydie, i wish you all the best for your fantastic B&B. sounds like a place i’d pay top dollar to go to.

    …now off to think up 7 things people do not know about me. I’m such a blabber mouth I fear I won’t be successful.


  5. Yes interesting – how does one turn into a scoffer? I used to be a saver too – I’d make my twixes last at least 10 times longer than anyone else by nibbling off all the different layers – very slowly. I really used to get on their nerves!

    Would love to come and stay at your B&B.


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