A call for kindness

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I had another post already for today, and yet at this particular moment, it just doesn’t seem to fit. For today’s post it seems far more fitting for thoughts and words to be directed towards others that could maybe use support in a variety of ways.

So that’s what I’m doing, pointing you in a couple of directions where things can be done, words can be read and actions can be taken. What just happened in the last few days in Paris and Beirut is deplorable and after some hand wringing and emotive words exchanged, it’s time to work out what can be done, what I can do in my context.

I can have an opinion, stay informed, remain involved in our community, be generous…and at the end of the day just remember to be kind. Here are a few others that could maybe use some of your support or kindness.


Eco Toys Detention Centre Christmas Toy Drive

“Imagine having to flee your hometown to save your own life? Or having to witness the death of loved ones in your community? Imagine having to walk for days, weeks or even months with little food, no shelter and the lingering fear of how to keep your children safe from harm? This is what thousands of refugees face every day. It’s something that we could simply not even begin to imagine but this Christmas Eco Toys is gathering hundreds of toys to deliver to refugee children arriving into Australia for Christmas and to kids in detention centres. Now imagine the smiles on the children’s faces when they are given your toys?

Eco Toys is local toy company with a difference. “All our toys have been made ethically using sustainable and quality, natural materials.” Says Director & founder Melinda Bito. There are no batteries or mass produced plastic toys in our toy store because plastic is such a huge waste as it never completely breaks down and particles end up in our beautiful oceans destroying marine life.”

One of my favourite charities. I have a huge amount of respect for these wonderful people….Donate to Medicins Sans Frontieres

Blood. Donate it if you can and if not there are plenty of other ways you can donate to the Red Cross. Someone, somewhere will always be in need. If you do decide to give blood it’s pretty easy and quick to donate a bag. (Plus you get bonus quiet time afterwards. Time to sit down, read the paper and have a few crackers ‘n cheese. That’s a win right there in my book.)

Also important when staying informed as to what’s going on in the world, choose your news sources wisely. Some alternative news sources (Australian based):

The New Matilda, The Saturday Paper, The Guardian Australia

And Edith, there will always be Edith….


10 thoughts on “A call for kindness

  1. Thank you for a positive post about the sad events in Paris Brydie – love is always the answer and we need to remember this and try to focus on the good wherever possible. There have been some wonderful displays of kindness such as the “Porte Ouverte” twitter campaign in which ordinary Parisians have opened their homes to their fellow citizens while the city is in lockdown. I for one refuse to dwell on the negative – yes there are some terrible people in this world, but there are also many, many people that are kind and decent and care for others. Vive la France! (and vive l’amour)!!!


  2. For me, kindness is at the heart of what it means to be a human being. It’s in the hearts of good people everywhere. And, despite the hatred and the violence splashed across our tv screens and our newspapers and our screens, there are still so many more good people in the world who choose kindness everyday. Kindness costs us nothing but it enriches us all.


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