When the Feast ends


Feast magazine was one of the first foodie magazines that I got really excited about. It was ‘real’ food. It was beautifully photographed and it was food that I wanted to cook. These days I don’t really buy any food related magazines but when I heard that Feast magazine would be turning their last page, well it seemed a bit rude not to buy the last edition.

It is, (was) a beautifully put together drool worthy magazine. Kitchen benches and dinner tables will be the lesser for this magazine not being around.

gingerbread Cake || cityhippyfarmgirl

This is my tribute to a wonderful magazine. Dark Gingerbread Cake, gorgeous recipe, that if you are super quick you might still be able to buy in a newsagent or get the recipe online right here.

13 thoughts on “When the Feast ends

  1. Goodbye physical magazines :(. I have the first few issues of Feast. I loved it and still have all of the issues that I collected. It is a gorgeous magazine indeed. R.I.P. Feast 😦


  2. It’s a shame when something we love comes to an end. I think the magazine industry is really struggling with more and more of their regular customers switching to on-line searching rather than buying another issue. I love gingerbread cake xx


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