where food and photography meet



An invitation from Olympus for an afternoon of food and photography….it could never ever (ever ever) go wrong now could it.

Where…The School

Who… Megan Morton, Delicious Magazine, Olympus

Food… Kitchen by Mike




cityhippyfarmgirl.com …and now I get to practise all that I learnt. cityhippyfarmgirl.com

 What have you been up to lately?

20 thoughts on “where food and photography meet

  1. I was only just looking at the Delicious photos of that on Facebook and feeling just a little green with envy. Lucky you to be a part of it!! I hope you will share some of the gems you learnt with us 🙂


  2. I worked in a petrol station sometime last century and an Asian guy walked into the shop to pay for his petrol and had a camera about that big hanging around his neck. The Asians always get the best technology ;). Looks like a great time to learn but even better time to check out what everyone else around you was learning. Looks like the local fabric shop would have done a roaring trade on the day. Same goes for the local thrift shop. I am guessing I have food bloggers to blame for the serious lack of decent old cutlery in thrift shops these days? 😉


  3. What a great opportunity! And I have to say I’ve got a couple of silver spoons just the same as the one in your top photo – they’re a great size for serving and very importantly photograph beautifully 😉


  4. What fun! I had an opportunity last year to attend a workshop with other food bloggers and I learned so much, but the best part was meeting everyone and exchanging stories.


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