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permaculture principles || cityhippyfarmgirl Simple Living- a selfish joy. Loved reading this post from Tricia at Little Eco Footprints. It prompted a wonderful dinner time discussion at our place on what was important to us all. Weekday Farmers Markets, with Milkwood- the benefits of running a shorter shopping window during the week and why we should be utilising it. (I’d love to know whether you have a weekday market in your area and whether you use it.) Have you thought about next years calendar? Permaculture Principles has a wonderful one they put out each year. I’ve just bought some, (they have big squares to write in, oh yes they do.) And for something different, I’m over at the delightfully lovely, super duper green-Ecolosophy and answering some very important questions. Questions that involve- community, food, kitchens and what on earth I did to get on Death Row!?


I quite often come across links that I find interesting, full of things I should know about and sometimes just down right fascinating.

Feel free to link any of your own green links in the comments. Let’s build this community green noticeboard board.

the green noticeboard || cityhippyfarmgirl

9 thoughts on “Simple Living, Weekday Markets, Calendars, and Questions!… The Green Noticeboard

  1. Lovely list of links there 🙂 I also enjoyed the first link, the post on simplicity. I guess I do have a simple life compared to others, but then again I know others who live more simply than I. I am not a proponent of everyone living any kind of life – it gets a bit dogmatic that way – but I am all in favour of everyone living the life that makes them happy!


  2. I would love a weekday market! Ours is on Sunday and if I miss it for some reason, I miss out on my preservative-free cured meat, local eggs and yoghurt. Luckily, I’m the city cousin for Food Connect in my area, so I kind of get a market delivered to my door every Wednesday 🙂
    Love that calendar!


  3. Love this calendar too – it’s been on my kitchen wall every year for possible 4-5 years. I love that each month focus’s on a new permaculture principle – and when my life is a little out of whack, i can refocus on the principle of the month. It’s great for keeping notes on because of the space. when it comes to markets, i just need to put them on that calendar! I so often get caught when I start in the garden, and forget to leave it.


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