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Sometimes living in the big smoke gets a little bit too much for me. A ticket out is needed, and some cleaner air needs to be inhaled in. A particularly sunny Sunday at the end of July was going to be just the day to do it.

St Albans was calling. It was an area we had never explored and seemed to be the perfect spot to go for a day trip. Packing three excitable kids in the car and not much else, we headed off.

Turns out it was the perfect spot to go. It was so lovely, I already want to go back. St Albans boasts the historic Settlers Arms Inn, a lovely sandy river bank to play on, no mobile coverage (this is a good thing) and an abundance of leafy green trees to wander around. It also has a kumquat tree laden with ripened fruit, a lovely lady that owns an equally lovely camel, great pub food for when you get peckish around lunch time and the best collection of letter boxes I’ve seen in a long time.

Time stood still. Wonderful lunch was eaten. Clean air was inhaled and I’m very grateful for St Albans being on the map.


If you are planning a day trip out of Sydney, I highly recommend it, and if you are looking for accommodation in the area, how ridiculously awesome does this place look?

If you have never seen a camel laughing, please scroll to the bottom…this lovely long lashed camel thought my kids jokes were HILarious.

Settlers Arms || cityhippyfarmgirlthe settlers arms- st albans || cityhippyfarmgirl

st albans || cityhippyfarmgirl

camel ||  letterboxes || cityhippyfarmgirl

17 thoughts on “St Albans

  1. Wonderful family getaway to the “forgotten valley.” Oh a warm hearty warm pub meal sounds like a nice treat. I have grumpy ole’ cooking and cleaning cabin fever this week. Haha! that camel reminds me of my dad, teeth and all!


    • Get out there Zena, doesn’t have to be St Albans, (bit of a trek for you I know) cabin fever glums is not fun for anyone. It was lovely to feel just how much of a boost it was to be doing something completely different.
      ps. Lucky dad 🙂


  2. I do love heading out to explore new areas, and leaving the city rushing behind. In fact, we’ve already done that in London, which suggests we are going to be better off out of London than in it over the long term 😉 Cities have a lot to love but space and fresh air is needed at regular intervals. Your trip looks and sounds wonderful.


    • oh wow Anne. What a beautiful city your one is. So very different to mine, but no doubt named after yours as well. 2000 years of history eh? I got excited seeing the sign from the 1800’s on the pub 🙂
      I wonder how many St Albans there are in the world, and how they all compare.


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