Winter’s Song

winter sun || cityhippyfarmgirl

winter || cityhippyfarmgirl

If winter had a song it would be deep and slow.

A song that gets carried around in coat pockets,

slowly warming cold fingers.

A lone violin, a methodical drum.

Music that gives pause and time for reflection.

A song with the sounds of muffled whispers, crunching footsteps

and grainy long grey shadows.

A solo tune that echoes into the dark night

music that is slowly swayed to in colourful knitted socked feet,

and listened to on plump fluffed up blankets.

wintry tree || cityhippyfarmgirl


12 thoughts on “Winter’s Song

  1. Oh Brydie you have just described the quiet dark snowy rainy and windy days we’ve had here…minus the crackling of burning firewood and my painful splinters. Love all the photos and especially the middle how it gives a sense of place.


  2. Again, lubbly jubbly Ms CityHippyFarmgirl and a good reminder to get out there crunching those dry autumn leaves and breathing out that slow winters song in huffs πŸ™‚


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