Food and how we waste it- The Green Noticeboard

Grab a cup of tea, some biscuits to dunk in it and plonk yourself in the comfy chair for 15 minutes.


 I quite often come across links that I find interesting, full of things I should know about and sometimes just down right fascinating. Have a look at this one from Tristram Stuart. Feel free to link any of your own green links in the comments.

Let’s build this community green noticeboard board.

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7 thoughts on “Food and how we waste it- The Green Noticeboard

  1. I think my grandparent’s generation grew up not wasting a thing – they came through two world wars and a Depression and knew what it was to go without, therefore they treasured and valued all they had. I think things have deteriorated greatly since then however, I believe the tide is beginning to turn xx


  2. I’ll watch this tonight…. But, as an apprentice chef a decade ago, we were soooooo severly disaplined if we wasted food, so I think it is engrained in me to now use everything. 🙂 And I was so passionate about utilising left over food, I became an ambassador for Oz Harvest, that way I knew it was being eaten and by those in my community that needed it most. Happy Thursday. 🙂


  3. I so hate wasting food, its practically criminal. Between the teenager, the compost and the worms, thankfully there’s not a lot wasted- but I do miss the dog for all the grungy little bits that no one else would eat 🙂


  4. Just made the time to watch this. I never thought about what happened to the crusts that sandwich shops don’t use!

    I think I’m pretty good at not throwing away food, but I’m certainly not at the three grains of rice level. I had some friends stay during the last two weeks and they bought loads of food and left it in my fridge half eaten. I’ve fed myself all week on food that is past its use by date.


  5. After watching that vid I have decided to take my carrot peels out of the compost where I shamefully put them and turn them (along with most of the rest of my compost bin) into veggie stock. I might bypass the bickies, nibble on the remainder of the compost bucket and watch it all over again 🙂


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