Rose and Pistachio Biscuits (and knowing when to outsource)

rose and pistachio biscuits || cityhippyfarmgirlrose and pistachio biscuits || cityhippyfarmgirl I’ve always felt a little guilty at out sourcing my mum’s Mothers Day gift when I was 9 years old. As she unwrapped the very special puffy coat hanger I’d selected for her, she asked with impressed (and clearly overwhelmed with love for her talented daughter) eyes.

Did you make it?!

Er no… I said a little awkwardly, (visibly watching my mothers overwhelmed with love feeling quickly deflate) Ginny did.

You see, I’d spent my hard earned silver coins on a puffy coat hanger that my friend had made. Which I had then bought for my mum on Mother’s Day. Sure I could have made it, but I didn’t. I’d outsourced.

Now while my puffy coat hanger buying days are probably behind me, the odd bit of outsourcing isn’t, (especially if it’s someones lovely recipe to be made.)

I’d had been thinking about the combination of rose and pistachio for a little while but it hadn’t gone any further than that. Just the thinking.

Reaching for my trusty friend google and lo and behold, He Needs Food has a Rose and Pistachio Biscuit Recipe and it looks precisely to my baking liking.* The pictures are gorgeous, the recipe is easy and on baking, they present beautifully. Just the thing for Mothers Day, (that’s if you weren’t already giving puffy coat hangers.)

Thanks John, cracker of a recipe.

rose and pistachio biscuits || cityhippyfarmgirl

* Except for cooking with rose water, I really am not friends with the stuff. Recipe is still great with this omission though.



25 thoughts on “Rose and Pistachio Biscuits (and knowing when to outsource)

  1. I can personally vouch for their tastiness, sadly mine are long gone, gobbled up on a late night blogging binge. I actually love things that taste like flowers, except for earl grey tea. yuck. But my favourite chocolates are the rose cream and the violet cream from Haighs. I always have to get one of each as I still can’t decide which one I like best. Today, I think the violet in front. Hope you have a lovely mother’s day today.


  2. They look beautiful. I really wish I was a biscuit baker, but I’m just not. Maybe I could give these ones a go.


  3. I remember making puffy coat hangers. We had to make them as part of craft at Sunday School. Some of them came with a little bag of potpourri. I love rosewater and have some and some edible flowers in my pantry so I should make these biscuits. They do look really beautiful packaged up as gifts xx


  4. My mum hates handmade presents generally… she’s a material girl. So being the good daughter I am, and celebrating my first Mothers Day, I sent her a handmade scrapbooked collage frame thingy with similar pics of me and her and me and my bub. I’m sure she mostly hates it. But she sure does lover her grand daughter! 🙂


  5. Happy Mothers Day Brydie.

    I think an outsourced Rose and Pistachio recipe is brilliant for Mothers Day, a Rose and Pistachio recipe is even better for Rose’s birthday. Thank you. 🙂


      • Thanks Brydie. Everyone so often Mothers Day falls on my b’day which is a damned nuisance because it’s harder to get a table if we decide to eat out and the flowers are more expensive so I tell Tony not to get them. I had a great day.


  6. There are few things I appreciate that contain rose water. These cookies, proper Turkish delight and, err, I can’t think of anything else right now. I’m much worse with orange blossom water. Thanks for the mention!


    • It does have a good place in Turkish Delight that’s for sure. (Actually it has a very good place in that sweet goodness.) The petals however are completely different, I’d happily scatter those all over the figurative shop. They just look pretty.
      And thanks again for a great recipe John 🙂


  7. Every year my mum brings up all the dodgy presents she received from me and my brother when we were children. Most memorable the frilly wrapped toilet paper roll from my brother. These biscuits are much more fitting. Happy mama’s day:)


  8. It is one of my favourite things when my kids make hand made gifts – my son made me a bird house this year and my daughter a jar of good thoughts that you can unwrap when you are having a bad day. It is nice to be in the era when ‘home made’ is truly appreciated ,


    • Love it Kim. What wonderful gifts your children gave you. I think the ‘home made’ gifts could still be expanded on…there’s only so many scented candles the world can take, right? Well unless they are handmade that is 🙂


  9. Two of my favourite flavours, rose and pistachio…make that 3 of my favourite flavours…rose, pistachio and “biscuit” all in one post! Cheers for this outsourced share. A world without outsourcing would be a world with constantly deflated mothers who would no longer have a reason for living. Outsourcing allows us to bask in someone elses hard slog and suck down all of that praise. That’s what your money buys, mum’s happiness and someone elses hard work 😉


  10. These look beautiful and I am looking forward to making a batch. But a bigger THANK YOU for introducing the ‘He Needs Food’ website. The recipes on this website and INCREDIBLE (as you can tell I am excited about it) I am so looking forward to trying them, I am going to start with the Ginger and Sour Cream cake.
    Keep up with your blog, I am a subscriber and I love reading all about your cooking and simple lifestyle (may I recommend the book ‘Down to Earth’ by Rhonda Hetzel)


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