Kitchen Crumbs

teeny tiny pears || cityhippyfarmgirl

Bench tops are groaning, the sink is over flowing, and there is rather a lot of flour wedged between the kitchen floorboards. If you can ignore the growing number of scattered crumbs and butter smeared finger prints on the drawers, I’ll give you a quick peek into my kitchen at the moment.

 There have been some teeny tiny locally grown famers market pears.

 Some crunchy bread ends and lazy coconut biscuits- slab style.


Lots of home grown chilli that certainly gets your attention. Hot? You betcha.

over proved sourdough || cityhippyfarmgirlThen there was Moon Bread, as it was aptly named. Over proved thanks to crazily humid afternoon- which is never forgiving with my bread. Still passed the taste test though, (this bread had sprouted millet, sunflower kernels, linseed, dark malt flour and water kefir in it.)

window sill farming || cityhippyfarmgirl

And lastly the ever present kitchen window sill of sprouting things. While the shadowed bench tops are full of things fermenting, the sunny sill is where sprouting action is. Window sill farming at it’s very best.


What’s happening in your kitchen at the moment?

Linking up with Celia this month for more sneaky peeks into other peoples kitchens, see here. 

30 thoughts on “Kitchen Crumbs

  1. I love your bread- and your coconut bars(lazy style slabs are the best!). And your jars of sprouts look so very crunchy and delicious! I always enjoy your kitchen tours, Brydie! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I’ll admit to stabs of jealously when I look at your bread Brydie. Even your Moon Bread. I aspire to bake as well as you. I love your use of dark malt flour. I think I am going to have to steal some of the husband’s brewing supplies and make my own. Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Oh don’t Tania. Really. I’m a hack baker, I know nothing of the science of it all. Percentages hurt my head and the odd one still turns out a little raw if I’m not paying enough attention. Every loaf I ever make is a mystery as I open the oven after baking….how will it look?? The Moon bread, hmm not so crash hot but the taste was good. Lots of trials and errors over the past few years that’s for sure.


  3. Your moon bread look devine and sounds so healthy especially for sensitive bellies. Thanks for the peak in. We planted 3 chilli plants and didn’t bother fencing it because well, they are chillies and they grew splendidly but the possums ate every last one!


  4. That Moon Bread is super hearty and healthy! Those little pears are too cute! My peach branches barely have buds on them at the moment – I have to dream for about 4 more months until I have my small fresh peaches.


  5. Please explain your sprouting process – never seen it done in sealed jars. Just saying – I am an old-age pensioner and I have been using Spelt flour for 8 years or so – it is ridiculously easy to handle -particularly for bread – have not bought bread for many, many years.


    • Hello there Rosie. For the jars, it’s my lazy approach. During the sprouting period, the tops will be open, rinsing every 6ish hours. I use the top to help strain the liquid off them.These two were just finished and were about to be popped into the fridge.

      As for spelt, it’s good stuff isn’t it.


  6. I love your chillies, didn’t get much of a crop this year, only 2. LOL! And dang girl, the window sill sprouting is brilliant. 🙂 In my kitchen at the moment… Hmmm, not much actually. A shiny pink toaster that seems to be copping a beating this year, cant remember the last time I actually used my kitchen to cook a feed. Ooops!


  7. I love the fresh produce that you have there, the pears and chilli’s look great! And I’ll always forgive flour on the bench top for homemade baked goods!


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