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the green noticeboard || cityhippyfarmgirl I quite often come across links that I find interesting, full of things I should know about and sometimes just down right fascinating. Here are a few of them that I have been reading in the last month. Feel free to link any of your own in the comments. Let’s look at it as a community noticeboard board.

1. Looking for a job?

2. Looking for a weekend away in April? Hazelcombe Farm– workshops on scything, blacksmithing and chicken processing just to name a few.

3. Not sure what to wear? A Year of Ethical Fashion

4. Village Milk– vending machines in NZ selling real milk.

5.– 20% more green spaces in urban areas by 2020

and I think the most important one…

6. TPP- Should I be paying attention? The Witches Kitchen


Are there any green links you would like to link?


From Richard- Green Building Forum– UK

From Lily- Schulz Organic Milk– Victoria

From Rose- Shop Ethical– ethical consumer guide

From Johanna- What I’d say if I was wrong about climate change– blog post

12 thoughts on “the green noticeboard

  1. Hazelcombe Farm sounds amazing, that would make such a fantastic family holiday. If only they were a little bit closer, I’d be there in a flash! I looove the real milk idea, shame it’s illegal here. 😦 It’s so hard to get real milk . I buy Schultz’s milk which I highly recommend to any Victorians. About as close as you can get to au naturale milk ’round these parts.


  2. Great links, really useful when trying to live in a very non-green society. I agree with Lily, I’d love to be able to get to Hazelcombe farm. Maybe one day. And how awesome is Village milk?!!


  3. I would love a ‘real milk’ vending machine nearby. Thanks for putting the TTP on my radar. I knew things were getting worse when I saw the new Kmart advertising those 10 dollar kettles – so you can just throw it in the bin and buy a new one.


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