my tiny garden


*ahem* she says with a small polite cough… I’m over at the ever beautiful Think Big, Live Simply blog doing a guest post today.

11 thoughts on “my tiny garden

  1. Loved having a peep into your garden Brydie. Very impressed with the variety of plants you’ve nurtured in your small space.
    I tried to comment on Think Big, Live Simply; but received an ominous warning message; something which has been happening quite a bit on non-wordpress blogs lately. It’s a mystery!


  2. You can cough louder – we all like to toot our own horn a little bit. In fact, I am holding a give-a-way on my blog right now and was pleasantly surprised when I was reading my blogroll this morning and saw my name mentioned on the artist’s own blog – spreading the word about my contest! Awesome – I love blog land! Hint, hint, stop by if you like unique jewelry…


  3. Methinks I am just about to cram another blog into my RSS Feed Reader. Love the alyssum. I have a tumble of it living in a tyre in my vegetable garden. Lovely stuff 🙂


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