a little love into the seams

bunting- cityhippyfarmgirl

cutting- cityhippyfarmgirl

busy days and busy nights

good busy and chaotic busy all intertwined

a pause for a moment to do some measuring and cutting

it was sitting there for far too long, waiting to be cut, wanting to be cut

waiting for the right moment, that never seemed to arise

a project that I didn’t want to be rushed, didn’t want to be hurried

I wanted to do it mindfully

and sew a little love into the seams

finally the moment was right, the scissors were uncompromised and my thoughts were here, now

firmly embedding a little love into those seams.

gift ideas- cityhippyfarmgirl

16 thoughts on “a little love into the seams

  1. I love all the colours of your fabric squares. It’s amazing to me how you’re able to find the time to sew! But when you’re creative and you love to do something with your hands, it’s essential for therapy. Love the bunting xx


  2. I am amazed at how creative you are. When I was pregnant it was enough to haul myself off the sofa to get to the fridge and eat something strange (in my case wood fire charcoal…) and creativity never got a look in at any point. Kudos ma’am, I salute you and the love that you sew 🙂


  3. Oh how bluddy marvellous!! I was thinking the exact same thing! Recently flatout with high teas in the valley, I managed to make (somewhere in the craziness of it all) some square shaped bunting. Oh my God – it’s gorgeous – wish I had more of the fabric already patterned into squares making it so easy – just cut and sew no measuring required.

    But, but, but what I’m trying to say while I’m bumbling on is I think bunting will make a beautiful gift. You’ve just confirmed it for me!! Off to spotlight tomorrow to hopefully find more of that lovely square fabric – betcha it’ll be all gone, but never mind, gonna make some anyhow. I have three people in mind so will need to get cracking soon. Love yours to bits Brydie – recipient of that gorgeous gift will surely feel the love – how could you not!

    That’s lovely for the fab idea! xx


  4. I remember reading this post, thinking that the bunting looked so refreshing and beautiful. Little did I know that you were making it for me. The love in those seams, the meaning of those colours.. I am so grateful for your friendship and generosity.


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