Perfectly Pecan


Mmm, yum Anzac Biscuits…

They’re not Anzac Biscuits, I cut in with, probably a little indignantly…take another bite.

He takes another bite… Mmm, Anzac Biscuits!

Sigh. Oh forget it.

These are not Anzac Biscuits, (despite having oats and golden syrup in them) and looking a little (ahem) like them. Ground pecans is the secret ingredient here, combined with wholemeal spelt flour, and giving them a little earthier flavour. Just the thing to throw out to hungry small kids on school holidays, (who also seem to have an ever increasing appetite for…well pretty much everything.)

So if they’re not Anzac Biscuits, what do you call them?

Um…errr, um, (cough cough)… Perfectly Pecan Biscuits?


Perfectly Pecan Biscuits

200g pecans (in processor)

150 whole rolled oats

150g melted butter

100g golden syrup*

1 tsp vanilla

75g wholemeal spelt flour

In a bowl add all the dry ingredients and then also add the combined melted butter and golden syrup. Roll to a ball, and pop onto a tray. Gently flatten biscuits down and bake at 180C for about 20-25 minutes.

* These aren’t overly sweet. If you like your biscuits on the sweeter side add 50-100g of brown sugar.

15 thoughts on “Perfectly Pecan

  1. Since I am originally from Louisiana and Texas, where pecan trees abound, but I have lived overseas for almost 27 years and have good Aussie friends who make ANZAC biscuits, I am thrilled with a recipe that mixed the two cultures. ANZAC biscuits with pecans – incidentally, pronounced puh-cahn in the Southern States – may come as a surprise but should usually be well-received by the the chaperons and the partygoers alike.


  2. Well…they certainly look like ANZAC biscuits to me. I know what you mean by kids eating non-stop. If I made a batch of these this morning there’d be none left by lunchtime xx


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