Rocky Road birthday cake


DSC_0038 copy

I let The Monkeys decorate the cake.

It’s all yours I said… make it look beautiful.

They were enthusiastic

very, enthusiastic.

Will Mr Chocolate remember what his birthday cake looked like for ever and ever and ever and ever?

I think he just might

as they certainly made it with a lot of love…

(and peanuts)

Thanks for helping boys.



21 thoughts on “Rocky Road birthday cake

  1. Ah pashmak the fluffy pink food of the gods ;). I would hate to think of what my kids would do to a birthday cake…it would end up black or bright blue and would be covered in cabbage leaves ;)…yours did amazingly well! Happy birthday Mr Chocolate and here’s to many more pashmak perfect years šŸ™‚


  2. happy birthday mr chocolate – that is a cake made with true love and I think your time doing craft with the kids has paid off in their creativity – it looks beautiful – esp love the fairy floss


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