Sydney Sustainable Markets

A hot sun is out, city traffic is building, and bleary eyed Friday night clubbers are slowly making their way home. It’s Saturday morning and Taylor Square has been transformed to it’s weekly sustainable markets. It’s not the biggest market around, but it has plenty of options for creating oodles of deliciousness for your dinner table, (and your it sure beats doing your Saturday morning shop in a supermarket.)

Seasonal, local, sustainable, organic…it’s all there.


Each stall holder has a sign showing who they are where they are from and how far their food has come.

A communal space to meet friends for a coffee, eat a little bakery goodness, read the paper and then go home with all your fresh food.

This rice is delicious. If anyone thinks that rice is rice, and there really isn’t much of a taste difference. Well they are wrong. I’m hooked on the Koshihikari rice at the moment. Yes, it’s more expensive than your supermarket rice, but it’s fresh, grown within the same state, hasn’t been stored for lengthy periods, it’s organic, and all from a family run business. That’s quite a lot to like isn’t it.

Stall holders change a little from week to week, and this week The Urban Beehive was back again. The taste comparison between a general commercial honey and this stuff is rather big. There are hives dotted all around Sydney, and within those hidden hives they make the most delicious honey. It really does wonders for my soul, drizzling some of the golden good stuff on to toast, knowing that this was created so close by. I can’t have my own backyard hive, so this really is the next best thing.

Sydney Sustainable Markets

Taylor Square

Saturday 8am-1pm

19 thoughts on “Sydney Sustainable Markets

  1. Our market in BC is just like this one. Here in Calgary, they’re more commercial looking which I find disappointing. I’d much rather visit with the actual farmers and only see foods which are seasonal and grown nearby. This looks like a great way to spend a Saturday!


    • Barbara, there is nothing more disappointing than going to the markets and finding generalised crap there. We have one market here, that over time has slowly added more stalls with “fluff” for sale. It’s a put off.


  2. I love to see this! People who take responsibility for our environment! I am not holding my breath for a market like this to come to Hong Kong soon but would love for someone from overseas to come our way.


  3. Lovely post, Brydie!
    It is such a simple concept- eat local foods, seasonally. And yet the grocery stores are loaded with foods and fruits from Central and South America here. Beautiful fruit that is so tempting.
    Shopping with convictions can be very difficult. 😦


  4. Yum! I love the markets here in Cardiff, every Saturday and Sunday. It’s wonderful way to connect with the community and give your support. As well as getting my hands on some fantastic produce.


      • Well, the town where I come from used to have a farmers market on Sundays, usually root vegetables, eggs and flowers. There’s not much of a farmers market culture anymore which is quite sad, as I find it fuels and strengthens the personality of a town/city and brings people together in a different way. Perhaps it’s because Norway has a much cooler climate and locally grown fruits and veg are few and far in between – but it’s a trend that is slowly on the turn. It’s ‘trendy’ again to live in the countryside and grow your own stuff, and people want more and more to get their food from local sources, so hopefully there will be a huge market opening up and we’ll see some more farmers with a more abundant selection on the future.


  5. I feel healthier just for having perused your organic market pics. Perhaps the home baked beetroot and the freshly made bulgur salad helped too. Hehe. Looks so rustic and real Brydie.


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