Royal Botanic Gardens

 The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens are a very easy way to spend a Spring morning. Tall shady trees, beautiful flowers out, lots of winding paths to walk around, and plenty of little corners to discover.

Grab a picnic rug, take away coffee, your camera, old Grandma Elsie, a good book, or a bag full of bakery goodies and make the most of it.

This little corner of Sydney is truly beautiful… and it’s free.

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

23 thoughts on “Royal Botanic Gardens

  1. I love these gardens too. When a worked in the city I would grab my lunch and go and sit in the gardens for my break. You could often hear musicians practising at the Conservatorium of Music so it was just a lovely place to be. I must take Alfie there these holidays xx


  2. What a lovely place. I wish there was somewhere close to me like that. But my front porch is peaceful and quiet most days and the tall willow oaks shade things so well. Now that fall is here in the US, it’s getting a little chilly to sit in the shade but I still love the serenity of my porch.



  3. Beautiful lighting in your photos. I certainly miss running around the Botanic Gardens.

    Totally off topic, but having asked around in my new local area, no one seems to have a starter. I’m going to try growing one this weekend after I’ve bought some rye flour. Fingers crossed.


  4. Beautiful slice of nature nestled in the city! I love those pretty flowers in the first shot and the shadowy trees. Just lovely. After my visit to the US, I realised how much I miss parks and public spaces, which are lacking here in Chiang Mai. You are really lucky to have access to that x


  5. How lovely to see the flowers all out, we are resolutely in the autumn palate here. It’s like being on a visual see-saw peeking at springtime in Sydney. I am a huge fan of parks, they saved my life when I lived in London and that one looks splendid !


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