Eco-living Fair

As much as I often think, oh I wish we lived out of the city. It’s days like these, I think… damn I love our city. I love having the opportunity to go to things like this. A community fair in celebration of all things sustainable- it was a great morning out.

The Eco- living Fair just keeps getting bigger and better each year. More stalls, more demonstrations, more information being passed around and most importantly, more people. As without people…well, it’s not going to be quite so good is it.

Some snippets from the day…

 Have you thought about joining Slow Food Sydney?

 Paint your own umbrella for the kids.

 Food Co-op spreading mandarin love

Urban Bee Hive Honey  is all from Sydney urban hives.

A very knowledgable little friend of Monkey Boy’s who explained this (rather awesome) renewable energy concept that is awaiting approval in Australia. Monkey Boy then explained it all to Mr Chocolate a little later, (and that’s how enthusiastic information gets passed on, kids!)

colourful stilted entertainment

 valet bike parking and free bike maintenance

 a free plant for anyone that wanted one from the local council nursery

and everyone needed a hat.


What have you been up to this fine weekend? 

Any eco-living action?

31 thoughts on “Eco-living Fair

  1. We spent the weekend trying out fancy restaurants and going for walks and drives around town. What a lovely day you guys had indeed 🙂


  2. We were asked to have our Fairtrade stall at the Eco-Living Fair. But unfortunately (or fortunately) we are already committed to a monthly market on this Sunday of the month – so we were at that today. Otherwise we would have loved to be there. Looks like it was a fab day!


  3. look at that beautiful girl in the hat – delish xxx
    me? walked the dog by the sea – then watered the garden – then tried to do some work – drank a beer with a friend instead 🙂


  4. I picked tomatoes and jalapenos and make a salsa- stayed home and did homely things- haven’t used the car all week- that is pretty eco-friendly. Also made bread – an apple pie and a pasta dish all in the same oven at the same time- no wasted space or energy!
    Love that little girl in the hat- she’s really growing fast!


    • We have a similar fair happening in October, the Groat St Festival, in North Beach, being put together by our local transition town group, Eco Faeries and supported by the local permies 😃 I am thrilled more and more of these sustainable events are happening.


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