city cat

 council clean up day

 a soft warm spot

city cat sleeps


hope you are all having a lovely weekend

19 thoughts on “city cat

  1. Love your blog. Have been reading it for sometime. First time I have left a reply. I find your blog very refreshing and down to earth to read. Wishing you a fantastic week. Hayley


  2. please don’t report me to the rspca for cruel thoughts towards animals but i’d like to put a few of the feral cats around my area that think my vegetable garden is giant kitty litter on that mattress..i’ve used chilli powder, freshly ground pepper, orange rind, commercial cat deterrent granules, eucalyptus oil, orange oil, tea tree oil, bundles of rose prunings, point your eye out sticks and wire netting to no the way i love cats..x


  3. The perfect sleeping spot for a cat – nice and high, and good for claw sharpening/shredding too! Love hard-rubbish day. We recently scored what looks to be a brand new exercise bike. Unfortunately it is rapidly becoming a coat rack… my intentions were good…


  4. Cats on car bonnets which have just newly parked up and are cosily warm is one you see around here in the winter. Reading Jane’s comment, I sympathise. Shall I send the poodles, they are very good at deterring cats from where they are not wanted. Also a gentle spray of cold water from a spray bottle sometimes helps. The cats tend to walk around our garden on the fences, looking for the dogs and come down less and less…


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