seasonal cooking July/August

Not particularly pretty cooking, but tasty none the less this month. I’ve been playing with a few new ingredients lately which is always good. Also trying to jazz up a few of the regulars as well.

The ever reliable apple crumble with a pastry base to give it a bit of a twinkle. Lemon zest in the pastry, raw sugar and a pinch of coriander cooked in with the apple and a dash of vanilla in with the crumble topping.

Chinese Cabbage is getting a look in. This is a variation of my standard winter salad. Chinese cabbage, pecans or walnuts, apple and what ever else is looking good at the time.

Lemons are plentiful at the moment. Whispering words such as pie…pie…pie to me. It doesn’t matter what kind of pie. As long as it involves lemons and pastry somewhere within. This particular pie had potato flour in it as a thickening agent. Different for me, and I have to say… I quite liked it.

Swiss brown mushrooms, on swiss cheese, on sourdough. My favourite lunch at the moment. Not Mr Chocolate’s favourite lunch, although he does assure me he loves mushrooms. Loves them so much he only wants one or two a month.

I’m not sure it’s quite the same love we have for them.

And my little truffle…

High hopes and grand plans little fella. You live and you learn and all that. Next time, I’ll either buy a bigger one, or use it a lot quicker than which I did. Delicious yes, but I think some of its oomph was lost in between the buying and eating time.

Still tasty though, eaten with some wilted greens, scrambled eggs, sourdough, and a side of Mr Chocolate’s favourite mushrooms. Then again with a little softly cooked egg and shallots. The third egg I cooked was the best, (unfortunately not the one pictured.) The subtlety of the softly cooked egg with the generously grated truffle was quite delicious.


So what else is in season round these parts in the winter months?

blood oranges– the very small window of opportunity is now open. I’m thinking a blood orange cake

rhubarb– I’m just waiting for the right bunch to come along and a rhubarb extravaganza is planned….but it has to be the right bunch.

potatoes– leek and potato soup for cool nights


What seasonal cooking are you doing at the moment?

42 thoughts on “seasonal cooking July/August

  1. What a yummy load of goodies indeed! I love mushrooms too, but my family only lives them in moderation. Yesterday I gave leftover stroganoff to the dog and when I went out later he had eaten it all but spat out the whole button mushrooms! I guess he’s not a fan either 🙂


  2. Great post. I forgot to buy mushrooms from the market yesterday, actually, my favourite mushroom stall wasn’t there, but we always like to have a few mushrooms in the fridge. Lemons too, I am lost without lemons in my kitchen. Working my way through a box of blood oranges, just used them in an Asian caramel sauce for my pork belly.


  3. Those mushrooms look wonderful. The salad looks divine too. Is it possible to make vegan pastry? Have you ever done it? Also your photos of Hobart look lovely. I want to hear more about your trip!


  4. Coriander in apple crumble huh? Now that does intrigue me. I think I’m closer to your love of mushrooms than Mr Chocolate’s, myself, but my Mr admits to disliking them – funnily enough, though, he’ll still have 1 or 2 a month if I dish them up. I share your doubts about Mr Chocolate’s ‘love’ 😀


  5. Oh mushrooms on sourdough – thanks B – I picked up some lovely organic mushrooms at the market on Saturday and I will fry these up on rye for breakfast tomorrow! The chinese cabbage in the salad – is it raw?


  6. Seasonal cooking here is lots of veggies- zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, corn on the cob,eggplant, fresh onions- I love the variety in summer- love walking out to the garden and deciding on the menu depending on what is ripe.
    You’ve been very busy and I’m thinking I would like your winter season .


  7. Brydie your cooking looks good, especially at this stage of winter. Don’t forget strawberries: there are some stunners in the greengrocers’ at the moment with an amazing scent.


    • Celia you are so right, I think it is about capturing that truffle magic. Enhancing it’s flavours by letting it be the star, and not competing in anyway. I’m definitely curious to play with more though…. could be an expensive habit!


  8. It all looks so mouthwateringly delicious. The crumble with a pastry base has certainly pricked my interest 🙂 We all love crumble but have never thought to line one with pastry ….. double the tastyness …. Im on it 🙂


  9. Your comment on the mushroom love made me laugh!

    Truffleness..haven’t gone there and not quite sure what i’d do if I found myself knew exactly what to do with your treasure, clever thing.

    I love it that you have small one at the hip, can go away for a conference and still be in a regular sourdough baking rhythm when I can barely rustle two crusts together. Hey..just a thought…sourdough rusks for the little one?


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