pepperonata- Frugal Friday

The first time The Monkeys saw yellow capsicum, they raised a skeptical eyebrow or two. Even after my assurance that yes, it was still a capsicum, yellow it may be.

Capsicums are red or green mama

Yes, but they are also yellow.

Now come on, eat it.

A tentative bite, eyebrows still cocked…

It is capsicum!  They happily declared.

(Saying that, they wouldn’t touch this dish, they like their vegetables on the raw side.)


A couple of good slurps of wonderful local olive oil

as much diced seasonal garlic as you fancy

and sliced capsicum

cook it through for a few minutes, and then pop a lid on and wilt it down until it becomes soft. Salt to taste and serve with some crusty bread, and perhaps a little chorizo, (the chorizo alway wins points with The Monkeys and Mr Chocolate.)

33 thoughts on “pepperonata- Frugal Friday

  1. I love pepperonata but I would probably pick out the green ones and just eat the red and yellow ones if I had a choice in the matter, but being well behaved I probably wouldn’t do it at your house 🙂


  2. I love pepperonata. It’s not only good for you it looks pretty as well. I usually remove the skins by blistering them but perhaps that’s not necessary. And yes, I think chorizo would go very nicely with this. And isn’t it great that your children like to eat raw vegetables – so good for them.


  3. I’ve encountered this term “pepperonata” before but I’m certainly familiar with this dish. We just call it sautéed peppers. I’ve not put chorizo in it either, and that’s something I intend to rectify very soon. Thanks for reminding me of this very tasty dish.


  4. I love pepperonata, the simplicity, the varying degrees of sweet and savory all in one dish. Love on crostini with a thin slice or smear of cheese. You’ve managed to make limp vegetables LOOK awfully pretty though, and that’s not easy!


  5. Very pretty- I would use orange instead of green, as well- the orange are very sweet.
    But I’m the only one who would eat them by themselves- add pizza dough and some spicy Italian sausage and cheese and there would be many takers!


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