the weekend that was


weekend away

blue skies

blue water

bluebottles… ouch

family catching up

lots of lovely wonderful food

giggles from cousins

giggles from grandparents

happy farmers market visit

brimming bags of local produce

making sure that circle of happy wonderful food continues


exhausted Monkey naps

Newcastle City Farmers Market

What have you been up to this weekend?

39 thoughts on “the weekend that was

  1. Great photos – certainly looks like a wonderful weekend! Lovely big blue skies and ocean. The weekend hasn’t quite come to a close yet here but yoga this morning, followed by a delicious spinach, pumpkin and feta pasta lunch, a bit of spring cleaning and soon the company of friends…


  2. I like Newcastle. My two girls are at Newcastle Uni and share, with three others, a terrace in Waratah. It’s a nice laid back small city, the coffee nazi in me seems to be able to sniff out a decent long black most times, the markets are good and the scenery great.


  3. those blue skies look perfect – our weather seems to have gone from stinking hot to gloomy grey – but we have been inside mostly decorating christmas trees and going to parties – looking forward to a sleep now!


  4. Lovely guests with beautiful little children to charm,winning gingerbread contests, leisurely breakfasts with loved ones, and one last shopping trip for Christmas toys for grandsons!
    All very happy and much enjoyed- our trip out to the beach included cold temps and brisk breezes- yours looks much more inviting!


  5. Wonderful photos that remind me that there’s relief coming in a few months. I’m sitting here glaring at several millimetres of ice accumulation on my plants. It’s cold here. Really cold. At 7am it was only -2C. Brrr!


  6. A happy, happy weekend! Bluebottles…not the monkeys? Or you? Eek! I’ve never been in the path of one..

    We’ve been working our way down the arm length list of jobs to do before Christmas. Good that the house gets an overhaul..but oh, SO exhausting!


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