fiesta bread cones

There was a birthday fiesta in the air and I had some bread rolls to make and take.

I had been given some cream horn moulds from a friend and along with lots of planned pastry goodies, I also wanted to make some bread rolls. I did a trial run and they seemed to work well. The Monkeys had inhaled them, so I thought they would be good enough to take to the birthday fiesta planned for the weekend.

First up, make some dough. I used the very versatile olive oil bread recipe. When it comes to the shaping stage, divide the dough into even pieces, (approx 1/16 with this amount of dough, with a little left over- I made 17 cone rolls).

Roll them into skinny lengths. Making sure all the bubbles are out. Roll them on an unfloured surface, you want a bit of stick to be able to roll properly.

Once they are rolled them dust them with a little flour, you want them to keep the rolled shape, when proving.

Lightly oil your cone moulds and then roll the dough along the mould. I found it was easier to keep on the bench rather than holding it up and winding it round.

Plain ones are easy or using a little oil and then a light dusting of poppy seeds.

Bake in oven at 240C with steam, for approximately 15 minutes. Oven time is going to vary, I would start watching them like a hawk from the ten minute mark.

Stuff them full of anything that takes your fancy.

We had these with beans, chicken, guacamole and sour cream, (or as The Monkeys and their Monkey Cousins did, stuff a sausage in there so as not to cut in on any essential play time.

Tips * When winding them up, don’t let the dough go over the lip of the cone mould, the bread will bake over and be difficult to get out. When taking the mould out, do it while the bread is still warm.


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54 thoughts on “fiesta bread cones

  1. Great idea. Sausages with provenance I hope! πŸ˜‰

    Only buying meat from farmers markets is making life a little tougher for me, especially when I am busy a few Satruday’s in a row so can’t get to one.

    I’m enjoying it though. I think I need to get a bit better at bulk buying when I am at a market. Although not having a car is a challenge.


  2. If your little monkeys ever decide to go on junior masterchef; what a headstart they will have had with a mum like you. Your cones look splendid! Thanks for all the useful tips and the mind boggles with all the possibilities. I’m already thinking fruity bread with a citrus ricotta filling. Wonderful, wonderful stuff dear lady.


  3. What a clever idea, Brydie. I haven’t had any breakfast yet – I wonder if that was why the very first use that came to my mind was to stuff them full of hot chips to make a handy-dandy chip buttie (hot chip sandwich)?!


  4. fantastic – they look great – I thought they were going to be the sort stuffed with sweet cream but how exciting to make them and stuff them with dinner – great entertaining idea because you have a little cone to hold your dinner in!


  5. Now how cute are these little guys! I was sure too that you were going to put custard in them..but ooh, savoury delights, so much better! And much easier for young monkeys to eat their dinner on the go. Too cute – they really do remind me of edible fiesta party hats! πŸ™‚


  6. You are such a clever girl , Brydie. I want all your stuff in one big cookbook to keep on my kitchen bench. Just loved the look of the cones and just have to try it ( hopefully it will work with spelt flour) .
    Please send all your stuff to a publisher asap(I am not joking)


  7. They look great. The sausage stuffing made me laugh … how Thai (they have all manner of breads and pizza crusts stuffed with sausage here πŸ™‚ ) … if it was a vegetarian sausage I think I’d give it a go.


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  9. Hi, I baked a batch of this bread last weekend, but I only have 6 cone moulds, balance dough shape it to round.
    Can I wait till 1st batch of the bread done, than continues to use cone moulds to shape balance dough, will it affact the texture of the dough? if I want to substitue with wholemeal flour, how much to use?
    Thank you for sharing.


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