asparagus and capsicum- Frugal Friday

Summer eating is getting kick started here, and I’ve been lucky enough to get some wonderful locally grown asparagus and capsicums lately. When the vegetables are already tasting delicious and as they should be, I don’t want to do much to them, there is no need. Simple cooking means dinners ready in a few minutes, and I’m definitely up for that.

In a pot or wok* over high heat, add a good slurp of olive oil. Some chopped capsicum give it a couple of minutes head start and add your chopped asparagus. Stirring it through, and cook until asparagus is just done.

On to a plate and drizzle some extra olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Serve with a swiss cheese omelette and some crusty bread.

What’s delicious and seasonal in Sydney this month?

Berries- strawberries, raspberries, blueberries

Cherries- still expensive, but oh so good

Nectarines and peaches are getting a look in

Asparagus- cook it as soon as you buy it, don’t let it sit in the fridge for a week

Basil-for pesto making, dead easy.

* I use my flat bottomed wok for just about everything. Used on a gas flame, it cooks quickly and evenly. Don’t just use it for Asian style meals, it lends it self to pretty much any kind of cooking you can think of…except maybe cupcakes.

36 thoughts on “asparagus and capsicum- Frugal Friday

  1. How very delicious! We are into winter food here. I had a wonderful pasta with beans at a new restaurant in Lucca. I am not looking forward to coming home to the revolting Brisbane summer heat, but I will certainly be gobbling up the cherries and mangoes.


    • I think it’s golden rule isn’t it. Friday night dinners need to be very little thought process, time and energy but a whole lot of taste to celebrate the end of the week.
      Haloumi would be perfect to go with this.


  2. That is my favourite way to do asparagus too, with a little dash of lemon.. yum.. I have 500 asparagus plants out the back at The Farmy that have just gone dormant.. I have to wait now! c


  3. I do this kind of dish all the time. Infact; I did it last night. Interestingly, I put the asparagus in first, then follow with the capsicum together with coarsely chopped green shallots. Isn’t balsamic great – just finishes it off perfectly. Years ago, I did stir-fry pasta all the time in the wok. I purchased a huge wok in Cabramatta about twelve years ago – still going strong – but not getting the workout it used to. Thanks for the reminder.


  4. This is what I love about blogging.. there you are on the other side of the planet welcoming spring:) I shall live vicariously through your all of your cooking through the winter. The colors of the asparagus and capsicum (peppers?) are so pretty and fresh!


  5. May I have a small rant? Winter has really set in here now, and I refuse to buy veg from Africa. I find it amazing that the supermarkets don’t stock veg from still warm countries in Europe, like Italy or Turkey. Or root veg from the UK? Buying veg from Kenya just irks me no end. Am I tempted to buy it? Yes, I sure am because I often crave the taste of summer. If I don’t buy it, and others don’t buy it, will it go off and be thrown away?


    • Ah Misk rants are always welcome here. I haven’t had a rant for a while, so it’s always refreshing to hear someone elses!
      I’m curious… in your standard big supermarket/fruit and vegetable store how much produce would come from Africa/ Europe or from the UK? What would you be restricted to be eating if you only ate locally throughout the winter months?


  6. That is a great simple recipe and I love the vibrancy of the colours. I cooked a similar dish tonight that was asparagus with roasted cherry tomatoes – delicious and great to be using seasonal produce.


  7. summer?? oh my, just now I realize you write from Australia! it makes sense, I read some amazing Australian food magazines lately, amazing just like your blog. Love the in season list, and of course your interpretation of asparagus too.


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