gluten and sugar free crumble

I didn’t feel like sugar and I didn’t feel like flour… but I did feel like dessert. The rhubarb was fast becoming friends with the flacid celery in the fridge and I still had some squirrelled away blueberries in the freezer. A crumbley thing it was. Lots of similar variations of this had been popping up around the blogosphere. It’s funny how a food dish can sneak it’s way in, and suddenly everyone is happily eating a variation of the same thing.Β 

So did rhubarb without sugar work?

It probably didn’t work as well as it could have. However, the honey was a decent trade off and completely passable if you were going easy on the sugar and didn’t want any gluten though. The Monkeys had two serves of this, so it certainly passed their palate test. Mr Chocolate got through it and declared yes it was good… but the last one was better, (with sugar and flour.)

Blueberry Rhubarb Crumble

(gluten/ sugar free)

Bunch of chopped rhubarb and a punnet of frozen blueberries

in the microwave for 3 minutes

while that’s cooking

blitz 1 cup of toasted almonds/hazelnuts/linseed in food processor (chunks not crumbs)

add 1 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp cinnamon

then 3 tablespoons honey

mix it round and pop on the top of the fruit

into the oven at 180C until golden

21 thoughts on “gluten and sugar free crumble

  1. Looks good to me! How funny both you and Celia posted gluten free today. We have a small supply of rhubarb in the garden..I keep eyeing it off wondering when the time will be right for a crumble..but when the time IS right, there won’t be any rhubarb to admire out the window (it’s a very, very small amount!).


  2. Wonderfully nutritous and scrumptious looking crumble! Yum!

    I don’t bake a lot with honey, (Brian not keen) though we certainly have honey in the house. I must confess I think of honey as a type of sugar so if something has honey in it, that isn’t sugar free as far as I am concerned. I know it is natural and less processed though and it is probably healthier because of that. Sometimes I cook rhubarb with the syrup in the stem ginger jar or with elderflower syrup to ring the changes and add different flavours to it, or with orange juice which goes well and adds sweetness, though all these three have sugar in some form or other in them too.


    • Orange juice eh?… brilliant. I’ll have to give that a go next time I have a bunch of rhubarb about. You’re right though, of course honey is a sugar. Just not as an obvious a one as my conventional brown sugar crumble.


  3. I am reluctant to admit that I havent only eaten rhubarb a couple of times. It just haven’t been exposed to it much in my life. Not until I started blogging, it seems that every foodie have it on their weekly shopping list. I feel like I am missing out. I love that you have made a flour-free crumble. My sister would appreciate this recipe.


  4. This looks lovely! I am never sure what to do with rhubarb when I get it in my CSA basket. Sorry to say it often ends up in the compost bin. I’m also cutting sugar because I find I sleep so much better when I eliminate it from my day. This looks like something I need to try! Thanks!


  5. I have a large garden, and right up at the head of it is a good size rhubarb plant – each year, I think how I should get the early stalks from the plant -knowing that they are better than the later mature ones- but each year I seem to wait a little too long. Recently I’ve been wondering if I have an unconscious reluctance to use this rhubarb -I think I like rhubarb- or what it is that keeps me from using it in its prime. I’m now wondering if I really dislike rhubarb!


  6. Love crumbles, love honey instead of sugar – though I can highly recommend a barley malt syrup or even a rice syrup or even coconut sugar – so many alternatives to regular sugar these days that really we could turn it into a fuel for cars as one of my favourite cookbook rants says. Never tried rhubarb in the microwave but now I must because I love the sound of it


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