Orange and Passionfruit Jelly

I find making jams and marmalades really satisfying. If I don’t make any every couple of months it all begins to feel a little edgy.

Cook the fruit up, jar it, wipe them all down, and then line the jars up with all the others sitting in my darkened cupboard. A little contented sigh can be heard and life continues on.

Saves us a whole bag of money in doing so, and I get to preserve the season in a little jar. Summer is still tasted in midwinter, like with my Vanilla Plum Jam, and now winter can still be enjoyed (until I run out again) with this Orange and Passionfruit Jelly. Oranges from my dad’s backyard tree and passionfruit given to me, I needed something sweeter than marmalade as for the most part it this was going to be used on The Monkeys natural yogurt.

I used to get really impatient with making jellys. The whole drip, drip, drip…thing for hours. I wanted results quickly, not in 12 hours time. However now, I think I appreciate the whole process of it a bit better. I like being able to see that dripping bag get smaller and smaller, knowing that soon, a few more jars of golden goodness will be lining up with their counter parts and doing their preserves-in-the-pantry kind of thing.

Orange and Passionfruit Jelly


1 apple

2 passionfruit

2 limes

Oranges and apple peeled and quartered (a bit over a kilo). Into the pot with enough water to cover it. Cook for about an hour until all soft. Hang from some muslin (or jelly bag) and drain for about 10-12 hours or over night. Measure your orange juice, add juice of two limes and passionfruit, (I had about a litre of liquid) into a large pot and bring to a soft boil. Gradually add sugar, (I used a kilo- equal amounts juice to sugar.) Simmer until wrinkle stage or passes the saucer test.

* Don’t go and make a phone call while it’s cooking and leaving the stirring spoon in…. as it may boil over and burnt sugar and juice isn’t particularly fun to clean off.


35 thoughts on “Orange and Passionfruit Jelly

  1. That looks great! I too am enjoying having my homemade jams and preserves. There’s just something great about marmalade too. When we were in Ireland and Scotland, the marmalades were so, almost bitter and good and fresh. Here’ they’re too sweet. So now I make it myself and I’m not going back.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful combination of flavours, I never know what to do with passionfruit so I will keep this one in mind for the turn of the seasons. Looking at pictures of jelly make my mouth water….


    • I made a passionfruit jam last year. Using the pith and skins as the pectin, it worked out quite well, but was time consuming using ALL parts of it. I made it in the middle of the night watching the soccer world cup, so my memory of what I had done was a bit sleep hazy- hence why I never posted about it πŸ™‚
      It was good though if you ever have lots of passionfruit.


  3. I have to agree with you about home-made jams and marmalades. Although I rarely use them (as it is not a Finnish custom to eat bread with marmalade, for instance), I still find myself making at least one type of preserve of the seasonal fruit. Right now, with the abundance of citrus, I’m thinking orange would be my choice as well. This jelly sounds just perfect!


  4. Every couple of months? Wow!

    It’s a twice a year past time for us Brits (orange marmalade in February and soft fruits in the summer). I’ve helped mum a few times, but never flown solo on jam making.


  5. I’ve been wanting to try making preserves! Isn’t it funny how these things make it all right in life again? πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping into my blog. I love your posts. I’ve been going back into time. You’re right…making stuff really does feel good!


    • Preserves are really satisfying. Just not having to buy any of that and catering to your own tastebuds is great. I always feel very contented seeing them all lined up in the fridge or cupboard.
      You’ve got a lovely blog πŸ™‚


    • Dear Anna, I’d expect nothing else from you but a jammer!
      (I had a giggle at your fabio weekend, the image of a pigeon flying into my nose on a roller coaster was probably not what you had in mind?)


  6. I so hear you about the contented sigh while gazing into a cupboard full of home preserves. A few years ago we rarely ate pickly things and jam but since preserving started we have changed our eating habits, don’t buy what we used to and eat mostly homemade! It’s great all ’round, for the tastebuds, inner contentment and the pocket πŸ˜‰

    Plus, aren’t jelly bags just the most lovely thing to have hanging in the kitchen!!


  7. I bet that tastes fantastic – I love passionfruit. I’m also a big fan of jellies, I just love the jewel like colours they produce. My dream has always been to have a big walk-in larder lined with jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles etc etc. Sigh – one day!


  8. hello from Tassie,I am making this delicious smelling jelly right now!!! I love making preserves,jams and jellies..whipped up a batch of blackberry jelly at the end of summer,very yummy and also we have a ancient quince tree in our garden,so ruby red quince jelly is in our pantry as well..I send boxes of preserves to my Dad in Northern N.S.W as his mum was a country cook and he holds the jelly up to the light to see the beautiful colour and then says”just like my mothers”high praise indeed!!!..Thankyou for your fabulous blog,I enjoy it very much..Amanda


    • This morning in tassie its cold,raining and blowing a gale…but the orange jelly tastes mighty fine on some toasted sour dough bread with a yummy coffee..eaten in bed!!!!:)


      • Amanda, so happy to hear you made this, and eaten in bed with sourdough? I couldn’t think of a better accompaniment! I know it was cold, rainy and blowing a gale. Leaving Hobart yesterday evening and arriving to a balmy 11C in Sydney. It was very cool down your way yesterday!
        Thank you for taking the time to read, comment and make the jelly.
        …and that is high praise indeed from your dad πŸ™‚


  9. These pictures are so sensual. Perhaps it is my moon cycles, but I’m pretty sure I urge some jelly dripping from a cheese cloth.


  10. Looks and sounds wonderful. I love the jam making…but sadly not the jam eating. So I have to restrain myself. My cumquat tree looks reproachfully at me everytime I go into the backyard….”I will do something savoury with you soon” I promise, but never seem to make the time! Oh to be a good jam eater. Cumquat would be up there with its tart bitterness for me if I were!


  11. Looks lovely – unfortunately I love the idea of making jam more than the idea of eating it – sigh! Have never quite felt confident enough to make jellies – not the time but the palaver of dripping and then you have to discard fruit.


  12. that looks great! passionfruit and citrus go so well together. i can’t wait to give your recipe a twirl. golden passionfruit are slowly ripening and the oranges should be ready any day now! πŸ™‚


    • Lisa, I can’t quite remember- maybe 8-ish large ones? It equaled 1 kilo once the oranges were peeled and chopped though. I guess would depend on the size of your oranges too. Then just covered with water and cooked up ready for the dripping.
      Good luck!


      • Thanks! It’s dripping away right now. Doesn’t look anywhere near a litre yet but the house smells amazing!


  13. Just wanted to say that this jelly is divine! Lost my nerve on the first batch and added jamsetta which left it way too stiff. With nothing to loose I made a second batch and mixed the first batch back into it. It’s perfect. Thanks so much for inspiring me to give it a go!


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