my history

 Weekend filled with touching base with family

Stories told, old photos softly touched. My grandparents history captured in a black and white rectangle.

My history.

Walking around streets that used to be my streets, somethings have changed. Somethings have not.

My old park stands still so much the same.

The Monkeys run, climb, explore gnarly trees, dangle legs on old cannons, and swing on swings that are so very much shorter.

No secret broken palings to slip through unnoticed into the special garden, only to be chased out again by the gardener. Instead open for everyone to explore.

Roses still there to ride bikes between. Thorns still there to break off, lick, and stick on your nose like a rhinoceros.

Bubbler still there to cool an afternoon of excited playing.

 Grass still there to picnic on, kick balls, fly kites and

run until you are so very dizzy.

21 thoughts on “my history

  1. I often think Wolfe was misinterpreted when he said, “You can’t go home again”. I personally think he meant going home in the same body and youth of past days. But one can always go home in the confines of one’s mind, and with that personal perspective, it not only is possible to go home again, but also to manipulate the memory as you see fit. After all, you own it; it’s yours – why can’t you return there?

    Sadly, he died a very young man, but already had his fame – so perhaps he died a happy man. Sorry for going off like this – your thoughts got me thinking!


  2. How strange it is to visit places we remember from earlier days and see them through our adult seeing eyes. And how nice for you to watch your boys explore such a place.

    Love the pic of the bubble tap.


  3. Lovely.
    It is so important to introduce your children to your personal history.
    For them to picture you as a girl and see the places that helped you become the woman that became their mum!
    Love the photographs and the perspective- it does sound like you had a lovley weekend.


  4. It is interesting how some things change, while other stay the same. Sometimes it feels dream-like, with images of your memories suddenly before you very eyes.

    I love your poem style, btw.


  5. Gorgeous! Nothing quite like a visit to the past to gound you in the present. I have no idea if that makes sense let alone says what I want it to say. Anyway, it sounds like you guys had a ball and your pics are fantastic. Not many of my places left to visit but lots of people.


  6. Reading this post brought me back to the times when I revisit places from my past. It’s always those little things that touch our heart and seem to hold in our memory. Thanks for sharing this, it was a wonderful read.


  7. evocative photos – esp the one of the water fountain – brings back so much of my childhood to see one of those in action instead of a bottle of water – nice to see you sharing your past with your boys


  8. Hi, found your lovely blog by hopping and skipping around. Laughed this morning to see ‘my’ park featured as your special place from the past. I kissed a boyfriend under those figs and later pushed our two children on the swings. And now, twenty five years later have just finished a couple of exhibitions of large drawings of those lovely trees. Nice to find you, all the best.


    • Nicola you just made my day. I suspect a lot people would have kissed under those trees….and climbed their many branches.
      I would have liked to have seen your exhibition. I hope the trees continue to inspire others.


  9. Nostalgia can be such a wonderfully evocative and connecting experience. Or it can just make you shake your head in disbelief as was my experience some years back when I returned to my kindergarten playground. Memories of a mystically wide space were quickly banished when my adult eyes and frame squeezed into a truly tiny area – it was my Gulliver meets Lilliput moment.


  10. I’ve heard so much about Feather & Bone so thank you for taking us there! And I always feel a similar pressure to cook a steak absolutely perfectly too especially a really good quality steak like that. But it sounds like you certainly rose to the task! 😀


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