Cardamom Semolina Diamonds

Indian Semolina Balls.

That’s what I’ve got these little cardamom treats written down as. A recipe that is well entwined into my childhood memories with cardamom flavours, plump sultanas and nutty cashews. Given half the chance I would have eaten my weight in these little things. One, two…oops, ten.

I’d re-written the recipe from my mum’s recipe folder a long time ago, although had only vaguely written down the quantities and even more vaguely written down the method. I knew how they were supposed to taste, but wasn’t so sure how to get there. Then I realised I didn’t have cashews…. and I didn’t think I really wanted to roll them anyway… So that changes a few things doesn’t it.

Indian Semolina Balls turned into squares? That’s not so exciting.

Diamonds?….much more enticing.

Cashews? I never have them about…

I’ve got flaked almonds though…would that work?

Cardamom Semolina Diamonds

(Inspired from my mum, and before that a 70’s Indian Vegetarian Recipe Book)

4 tbls ghee

1 cup semolina

1 cup loose brown sugar

1 cup milk

1 1/2 tsp cardamom

toasted flaked almonds

Melt ghee in a pot, add semolina and fry until golden. Add brown sugar and cardamom, mix through. Add milk and handful of sultanas. Stir until thickens. Pour into square tin, press down and add flaked almonds. Into fridge until hardens up a bit. (or wait until mixture cools and roll into balls, replacing almonds with toasted cashews.)

10 minutes tops to make, if you’ve already got the toasted almond flakes.

26 thoughts on “Cardamom Semolina Diamonds

  1. I’m off to make these now…cardamom and semolina are two of my fav flavours. They sound delicious and just what i need for my Friday night sweet tooth. I donlt have flaked almonds so might try sesame seeds. . I’ve been making my own ghee and it smells like caramel. I’ll never ho back to buying it. thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  2. Yum! And so easy. It tastes just like a desert served at our local Hare Christina cafe that I’ve been wanting to try and replicate for years. I think daddy Eco is going to eat the whole batch in one sitting!?


    • Tricia, I think that’s the quickest anyone has made something that I’ve posted! Thank you πŸ™‚
      …and glad you liked them. If Daddy Eco eats them all in one sitting, you’ll just have to make another batch. Did you do them with the sesame?


      • Yep, used sesame seeds. They are even better on the second day. The cardamon seems stronger. I’m being sneaky and finishing off the batch while Daddy Eco is in reading to Little Eco.

        I think this this is going to be my favourite ‘just about to walk out the door to a friends house, but need to bake something to take’ recipe. Thanks πŸ™‚


  3. Good one Brydie-glad you re-lived this great combination. I think the squares are a better idea than the balls .It is very similar to the halwa fro the Krishna kitchens. Great winter treat (no anytime)


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