Bonjour, my little brioche

The Monkeys and I were on a mission. Early to the farmers markets and then home again before it got too hot.

With Monkey Boy on the scooter, Little Monkey in the pram and me running, we actually got there in reasonable time. The sun was out, the sky was blue. Talks about turtles and all their merits while we ran and scootered along. A good start to the morning.

I had chevre on my mind, so once at the markets I set out for the Willowbrae stall. Eeeek, it wasn’t there! I scan again, sigh, there will be no goat cheese to be had this week for us.

To my right I hear a cheery “Bonjour”, it seems I have paused outside the French Patisserie stall…these things happen sometimes. The very friendly Malik entices Monkey Boy with a brioche. His eyes light up, eyebrows raise, as he starts to nod enthusiastically.

Actually Mama, Little Monkey can have that one, I’d like a chocolate croissant instead.” He says eagerly.

It’s hard to resist all the delicious looking pastries…

If I half close my eyes and breathe in deep perhaps I can be magically transported away to a French countryside village. A small curb side table, my back to the warming autumn sun. My cafe au lait is being carefully brought out on a little tray accompanied by my still warm from the oven brioche. Pierre my waiter, pauses for a second first to ensure that everything is ok, his gentle old hand lightly touches my elbow. His eyes follow to where mine have drawn, we both gaze out over to a field of sunflowers on one side and rows of grapes on the other. Oui, oui…tres bien…

ACTUALLY, I want that one Mama!

Snapped back to reality I am back in the markets, Monkey Boy is pestering me for his croissant and Pierre, his brioche and cafe au lait are gone.

I do instead have the very friendly Malik. Malik has a cake or pastry for every palate that comes through the markets I’m sure of it. Starting his family run business 8 years ago, he saw a gap in the market for really great French patisserie goodies. He divides his time between 3 lots of farmers markets within Sydney, as well as supplying various retailers throughout the city. He is also soon to open a shop in Abbotsford, that will ย include some of their organic range produce as well as those dream enducing brioche.


he’s a bit shy…


23 thoughts on “Bonjour, my little brioche

  1. Oh lร  lร . His selection looks incredible. It is amazing how cakes and pastries can make such an impact. My taste buds are tingling. I suppose we need to be grateful that these wonderfully talented chefs start up small businesses to keep us drooling.


  2. I love pastries…I can’t believe the size of your farmer’s markets…around here it is one farmer for each one…and nothing else…I wish they could all work together to make a nice market…we do have one “market” but it is really a tourist trap…and it is way too pricey.


  3. What a fun morning!
    I love the manouevering to get just the right treat. “Little monkey can have that one.” indeed! I used to love going shopping with my boys- actually, come to think of it- I STILL love going shopping at the Farmers Market with my boys


  4. Bonjour little brioche a thousand times!! I could not go past one of those delectable looking custard filled tarts with plump fresh fruit and glaze on top..everything looks soo good, including Malik!


  5. Oh my heavens. French heavens. One of my favorite things in the whole world when I am out traveling, is early an early morning croissant + cappuccino on a side walk cafe. A sweet pick me up, a foreign newspaper and the whole day ahead.

    Thanks for taking me with you!


  6. Even though Malik is shy, he still allowed you to take photos. I went to our local farmer’s market on the weekend and as I stood at the apple store, the man next to me began to take photos. Without the stallholder’s approval. Well, the stallholder didn’t like it one little bit and he told him to stop. The man moved on. Makes me wonder about taking photos at the markets.

    The pastries are too much and not what I should be looking at this hour of the night. They look divine.


  7. Thanks everyone! Farmers markets do hold a special place in my heart that’s for sure, and with pastries like this it just makes the visits that bit sweeter ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mariana, you are right about taking photos at the markets without approval it’s not on, (actually any where…) I always get 100% permission first, if someone isn’t sure whether they want to do it, then I don’t at all. Malik was happy for the photo to be taken, he was just being cheeky ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Enjoy those farmers markets everyone, where ever you are.


  8. Mmmmm pastries – just as well we have nothing in the vicinity. The nearest place that does anything half decent is an hours train ride away and they only have a selection of 1 or 2 if we’re luck at any one time.


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