hamburger with the lot, thanks love…

Hamburger with the lot thanks love…

If you are an Australian, you may have heard these words before. If you like your burgers and frequent take away places regularly, you may have even heard it a lot. If you’re not Australian and are wondering why bother posting about a burger, it’s because it’s not any old burger. You see it has beetroot and pineapple on it, which are the two crucial ingredients to take it up to Aussie Burger status.

Around the country, patties have been flipped, onions have been sliced and cans of beetroot have been opened. Money exchanged, and great mouthfuls of burger have been hurriedly eaten before the whole thing lands on your lap. With this many ingredients its hard to keep a firm hand on it all and show that burger who is boss.

Back in my burger flippin’ days, we would have competitions to see who could make the biggest one, without letting anything fall. The heat of the grill, the timing of the orders piling up, challenge of building your burger to be the greatest heights a person had ever seen! However once the burger was out of your hands, and into the customers, it was up to them. No blame could be taken if their burger became a tumbling pile of slop in their lap. With beetroot stains down their post beach kaftans, it was up to them to wrap their chops around the towering extravaganza.

So how to make your own Aussie Burger with the lot?

Burger bun; I made up some sourdough rolls. Easy, and healthier than your standard old white ‘fluffy’ bun.

Now you have to build…


sliced beetroot

sliced pineapple


fried egg

burger pattie


tomato sauce


Good luck.

If you are making burgers at home, there are so many things you can add. They don’t have to be a greasy pile of slop. Swap the beef pattie for a lentil one, or some grilled tofu. Or even just keep it as a salad. Make your own tomato relish or add caramelised onions. Swap burger buns for flat breads and roll it up.

The possibilities are endless.

Now just be careful with that beetroot…


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35 thoughts on “hamburger with the lot, thanks love…

  1. If only CT had realised what we missed – 6 months in Australia and not one single burger – with or without the lot. Better not tell him, he’d be gutted! Beetroot sounds like a great addition, not sure about the pineapple!


  2. I think it sounds delicious! I’m just so clumsy with food- I would end up wearing the whole lot!
    I used to flip burgers when I was still a girl, and I added fried onion rings,mushrooms, coleslaw, pickles, tomato slices, cheese, bacon,lettuce, fried egg and burger patty to the bun. Never even thought of beets or pineapple.
    I AM making burgers for dinner tonight- but I don’t think they would like one dressed in Australian guise.
    I like Alisa’s idea, however- I’ll make a batch of guacamole to go with them.


  3. Beauty mate 🙂 I’ll have extra beetroot on mine & be back in a jiff to pick it up. Cheers!
    PS: Love that you used to flip burgers – sure would’ve loved eating one of your tall stacks, my brother used to make these insane creations during his burger flipping teens.


  4. Maaate…
    (I’ve got some terrible stories for those burger flippin’ days, but as you’ve said before…”what happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen!”
    It was kind of tricky to wrap your chops around this one.


  5. ohhh yes!! I’ll have one with the lot straight up but make it oink as well please love 😉 gotta love the beetroot and pineapple combo and the vegan alternatives are awesome! great post !


  6. I love these cultural differences – here in the US, beetroot on burgers is unheard of. How is the beetroot prepared? Simply boiled and sliced? Pickled? Relish?

    Frankly, I love beets -mostly eaten as a salad item- so, If I had the choice, I’d sure try beetroot on burgers – nice post, and beautiful burger buns – got a recipe for those?


    • Thanks Dr. The burger buns are just my standard white sourdough recipe, (100gms starter, 190gms flour, 1/2 tps salt, 120mls approx of water.)
      For the beetroot it’s usually sliced and comes in a can, some gourmet burger places would do something fresh, but generally it’s just the canned ones.


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