Hobart Farmers’ Market

Second day of my super quick stay in Hobart and I was lucky enough to be staying just a block from the Hobart Farmers’ Market. One of the smallest Farmers Market I have been to for a while, but filled with stalls that I could have happily bought from each and every one. These markets are a little different to my local one, as only the people that actually grow, raise, produce or pick the goodies can sell here. (Got to love that.)

Two stand outs for me were…

Grandvewe Cheeses– a certified organic sheep cheesery located in Birchs Bay. The cheeses truly delicious, but the Vanilla Whey liqueur…ooo la laa! Holy smokes that was tasty. After a little rearranging of my hand luggage, a bottle of this delectable beauty was popped in. I’m a big fan of anything vanilla, but this took vanilla to another level. If you had told me before I had tasted it, I would be grasping a bottle of fermented sheep’s whey, (a by-product from cheese making) infused with vanilla bean… I would probably have cocked an eye brow and looked a little sceptical. Sold by the lovely James and his charming French companion, (whom I rudely forgot to ask his name). A bottle of this stuff would be worthy of either visiting the markets for, or stopping off at The Cheesery door. Great on ice cream, a dash in an espresso or just straight.

My second stand out for the Farmers Markets was meeting and talking with Matthew Evans. *sigh* Yes I got to meet my idol. I managed to not turn in to a puddle of nerves…just, and would have happily grilled him with questions for the whole morning on all things rare breed, slow food, sustainable and Tasmanian living. However, at the risk of looking like a complete crazed stalker… I didn’t. I also didn’t get to taste any of his Rare Food free range piggy products as I had a plane to catch, (but they did look delicious). Looking over the products, reminded me of what bacon was supposed to look like. I can only imagine how it would taste. Matthew and his business partner Ross, use heritage breed pigs for their products, (at the moment Wessex Saddleback and Berkshire) and this week these same pigs would be fed a tasty diet of cherries, to enhance that delectable sweet meat on their ample bodies.

So why am I a Mr Evans fan? Because watching his series, (and reading his blog) Gourmet Farmer gives me hope that one day my family and I can achieve something similar. A city person learning to do things from scratch. Anyone that is willing to swap a city life to one of rare breed rearing, artisan producing and taking a stand for what they believe in regarding what goes on a dinner plate…I have to applaud.

This is the life I aspire to. A life in the stunning Tasmanian countryside, peppered with some of the best food products in the country. Not a life of ease and convenience, but one of taste and ethics. Real food, that is simple, and yet complex and intricate on the palate. Real food that’s produced by that fella down the road or that lady over the hill. All enhanced by like minded people in a community setting that inspires others to strive to do what they feel passionate about.

The fact that Matthew Evans and his fellow food producers seem to be doing this, inspires me.

So for the moment, he will continue to be my ‘pin up’ Gourmet Farmer. As this lets me dream, of a land with hundreds of varieties of heirloom apples and free range heritage breed pigs when I am standing on a busy city intersection, waiting to cross and engulfed in car exhaust fumes.

38 thoughts on “Hobart Farmers’ Market

  1. Ooh, I’m so jealous of this trip! ESPECIALLY getting to meet Matthew Evans, I was glued to his series the first time they came out and now I’m enjoying introducing him to some of my family now that they’re replaying it.
    I have lots of fantasies about getting to shake that mans hand! (and try some of his products!)


  2. More … please…. I don’t know Matthew Evans, but I feel I do now by the passion he inspires in all of you! Now, Brydie, what is that vanilla whey liquer, is it alcoholic? .. I have never heard of such a thing and I am very very curious. I’m thinking about all the whey floating around here when I make yoghurt and the stockpile of vanilla beans in the garage and well, no I probably couldn’t make it but, how do you think it’s made? x Jo


    • Joanna, I’m not sure. You could try contacting them via their website and asking? Whey, sugar, vanilla bean, alcohol of some sort? It’s definitely alcoholic, 17.5%. So packs a small punch.
      It’s not really like anything I’ve tried before… delicious though!


  3. I have not heard of Matthew Evans either. I’ll have to check him out. I eat cherries. I wonder if I would have sweet flesh.


    • Sbs is currently running repeats on Thursday evenings at 8pm, for a couple more weeks. Then another series scheduled for later part of the year.
      …and you probably would have sweet meat. Lucky we are not caught in a snow storm and stuck on a mountain.


  4. That looks like the wonderful holiday ever. We watched Gourmet Farmer just last night and we always talk of one day moving to Tassie. I’m a little afraid to go there so fear I’ll never want to leave! Enjoy, Sonya


  5. Brydie, all I can say here is….. you’ve gotta give wings to that dream of yours girl & fly. My little heart nearly broke for you as you so eloquently described your fantasy lifestyle on Tasmanian shores & then described how you must feel standing on that curb side breathing in the fumes of a city’s exhaled breath.
    Gourmet Farmer is a massively interesting series, didn’t know he had a blog, so thanks for sharing that. Some of my family have made a similar choice lifestyle too, so the realities of farm life (plus being raised in the country) makes visits to the family farm a reality for me (I’m the type that enjoys the farm visits, but don’t want to live there)…, but you my friend must do it.
    I do hope you can get to fulfil your dream but in the meantime…., thanks so much for being our intrepid reporter & bringing us more on your Hobart visit.


  6. I loved Matthew’s show too (watched via the internet because we don’t have TV). I just sat and watched and dreamed too. Though I think my dream is a bit more urban.

    You know what though? I think it’s a really good day for the world when a foodie-farmer is listed as a pin up instead of a sports person or hollywood starlet! Go the foodie-farmer pin ups!

    Good luck as you move towards your dream Brydie.


  7. I second Joanna questions! The idea of making whey and vanilla into a potable drink is quite fascinating.!
    Also- GREAT pictures!
    I love the rosemary and garlic and the walnuts and the bacon!
    I went to look at Matthew Evan’s blog.
    Tasmania looks beautiful.


    • Tasmania is stunning Heidi. I’m sure you would love it. A foodies paradise.
      The Vanilla Whey Goodness, like I said to Joanna…not sure. The drink is quite simple in taste, so I would think there are not many ingredients. All it says is unfiltered sheep whey… It has to be tasted to believe how great it actually is!


  8. Aaah, I’m so pleased to hear you got to meet Mr Evans! I remember how much you adore him. (Funnily, I was just chatting with someone today about him..). Sounds like a fabulous getaway.

    Vanilla whey liqueur? Hmmm, this sounds most interesting!! 🙂


  9. Oh so divine! Now I am off tomorrow to see if my local stocks that liqueur! All these blogs just make me so content living here – I LOVE Gourmet Farmer too! I am so excited that so many people are starting to change the way food is being produced. Down the South of Hobart is really growing fast with this new/old way of living. ps Did you get to take any garlic back?


  10. OOhh…lucky you! Hobart farmers market (look at that garlic!!) and Matthew Evans. Did you pack your bags with stinky cheese, garlic and more? I would have….


  11. What a great day you had. I can’t imagine having a farmers market in the month of January. So much fun! I am not familar with Matthew Evans so thanks for his blog link. I will check him out. Enjoy the whey.


  12. Humm – that whey liqueur is quite interesting – here in the US, whey is almost a ‘throwaway’ byproduct of cheese making – most goes to hog feed. Fascinating to know that such a delicious drink can be made from it. I notice that they make no probiotic claims for it, but as a fermented whey product, it must have probiotic qualities – don’t you think?

    Nice post.


  13. The sight of the garlic laid between sprigs of rosemary made me melt a little – so great to see quality produce simply presented without adornment. Tasmania is so very high on my pleasure agenda and this just reinforces the need! Thanks so for the wonderful post and for sharing your enthusiasm and discoveries. So…next time you need a travelling companion…


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