hello summer

It’s getting hot out there.

Stone fruit ripening on kitchen counters

Excited little fingers grasping dripping icecreams

you start walking down the shady side of the street. That brief moment of cooler shadows.

weekend swims at dawn

hello summer…

16 thoughts on “hello summer

  1. Glorious morning yesterday in Sydney, enjoyed all the more given the incessant rains of the days past. Your lovely collection of peaches reminds me of the bowl of ripe apricots I have out in the kitchen which should be for vanilla and apricot jam making but which has been steadily dwindling in numbers over the past few days….


  2. Your pictures are so summerlicious, Brydie!
    It is snowing and I’m sitting here with sweater and big wool socks looking out the window, thinking very happy warm thoughts of you and the monkey boys ( and, of course, Mr. Chocolate).
    Before Christmas, i marvel at the upside down seasons- around January I start to covet your warmth- and by the last of Feb, first of March- I stare longingly at the screen, wishing I was there.


  3. That beach looks fantastic and early morning swims sound wonderful. Do hope you enjoy your summer. So hard to imagine it could possibly be hot, we are in the grip of cold cold cold.


  4. Mmmm that peach looks good! I’m anxiously awaiting the few that have remained on my dwarf tree to ripen. I refuse to buy any as I want the first of the summer to be my own!


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