Kangaroo Valley

A recent weekend away with friends was just what I needed. A chance to inhale, exhale…and return to centre.

A beautiful sunrise.

a misty morning in the valley

and a spot of cat chasing in a winery while parents are wine tasting.

The winery, Yarrawa Estate is nuzzled into some beautiful looking hills. Their view was quite simply…stunning. While wine tasting with 4 little kids isn’t the most relaxing way to spend your afternoon, I can certainly think of worse things to do. It did give just enough time to demolish a cheese platter, sample a few drops, chase two cats, plunder the chicken coop, and tease the family dog with a nut or two. Bottles bought and onwards we went, (Chambourcin and Verdelho some delicious stand outs.)

Kangaroo Valley is a picturesque little valley that sits a 2hour plus drive from Sydney. East of the Southern Highlands and just a little further west than the Sourdough Bakery at Berry. Famous for it’s locally made fudge, and lush fertile land. The areas dairies produce some great local milk, South Coast Dairy. While fudge, wine and milk doesn’t sound like much if eating as a locavore.

It’s certainly not a bad way to start if you are in the area.



25 thoughts on “Kangaroo Valley

  1. I haven’t been through Kangaroo Valley for years, but remember it as being just as your pics depict lol
    The Sth Coast has a million hidden treasures doesn’t it…, going to investigate more for its bounty methinks….. 🙂
    Have an awesome day Brydie.


    • Anna I think it would be the ‘right’ thing to do, check out the south coast for it’s bounty that is. You have clients, readers, people that depend on you…it simply must be done. (and if you ever need *ahem* help, I could be available 🙂


  2. THis is a good place to add to my growing list of places to explore in Australia. I just want to nuzzle up to that cat, and failing that ransack your wine purchases!


  3. I think you have the right idea for a start off point into the arena of localvore. A lot of people start off with honey,meats and veg- but really- next to fudge, wind and cheese? I’d choose the latter! Everytime!
    Thanks for sharing- you should write a travel book for special interests!


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