Caramelised Onions on a simple sanga

For two weeks I had been thinking of caramelised onions. Yep, I could have put my brain to better usage but no, it was all about the carmelised onions. On a pizza, teamed with a sausage, in a tart….oh caramelised onion what was I going to do with you?

Nope, I think it had to be a simple open sanga (Australian slang for sandwich).What you need is a loaf of your favourite bread. I used a three seeded sourdough. Now slice it up, and add your caramelised onions.

But how to make Caramelised Onions?

Slice a brown onion and pop it in a pot, add a good slurp of olive oil and give it about a 2 minute head start. Once its wilted down a bit add, two dessert spoonfuls of brown sugar and 2 good slurps of balsamic vinegar. Cook it until it’s reduced down, and gotten thicker.

Pop it on your bread, add a slice of your best cheese, and grill it. We used a tasty little St Claire from Tasmania. Mr Chocolate and I couldn’t stop smiling while we were eating this, it just tasted so good. A truly simple meal that has you begging for just a little more.


18 thoughts on “Caramelised Onions on a simple sanga

  1. I am soooo with you on this one. I know you are serious when you say you’ve had carmelised onions on your mind. I often daydream it because you have to add another favourite of mine – balsamic vinegar. Yum, yum, yum. And it looks so good.


  2. Ohh, yum!! Do you know I think I’ve only made caramelised onions once? A looong time ago! But what’s really got me is your bread!! A three seeded sourdough? It looks divine, absolutely divine dear girl!! 🙂


    • Those two loaves were funny, identical in every way except one was top shelf and the other bottom shelf. Yep, I’m thoroughly aboard the sourdough train, (with The Monkeys on board too- thank goodness! Makes it a lot easier.)


  3. There must be something in the air Brydie…, I’ve been going nuts with caramelised onion too – maybe its because we Aussies are totally getting into the sanga’s huh & well…., caramelised onion pretty much works with eveything (so I’m finding)..


  4. One of my favourite foods! There’s something so magical about slow cooked onions – both in flavour and the wonderful smell they exude as they’re caramelising. Have you ever made onion marmalade? We make big batches about twice a year. The other thing I really love to do with them is to make a pissaladiere – caramelised onion and anchovy tart..hmmm…


  5. I adore caramelised onions. They are one of a growing list of things – mushrooms & proscuitto are some of them – that I have to make double the suggested amount of, as I eat them before the whole dish is finished!
    This looks like a wonderful sunday night dinner, thanks.


  6. Anna- it sure does work with many things, and you are right, the waft of caramelised onions is definitely in the air!

    Heidi- I should put a glossary in shouldn’t I 🙂

    Celia- I’ve never made onion marmalade, but certainly love to eat it.

    Amanda- Mmm, I have mushrooms on my mind for dinner tonight…and prosciutto would be a delicious addition.

    Choclette- That’s what happens 🙂


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