3 reasons to eat locally on the south coast

Now if you ever happen to be on the NSW south coast, cruising down the Princes Highway be sure to stop at the East Lynne service station and pie shop. Yes it’s an unlikely looking place to have the best pies you’ll ever buy…but it’s true. They do.

The best pie you’ll ever buy.

Pebby Beach- photo from shoalhaven city council

It’s just near the Pebbly Beach turn off, so after you have spent the morning snorkling in crystal clear water, watching kangaroos frisk tourists for a loose crumb or two, and dabbling with your kids in rock pools. Please, oh please go and get a big pie. You can buy hot savoury ones or big family fruit ones (cooked or frozen and uncooked- top photo is an uncooked apple pie.) What makes them so good? I think the pastry is the key ingredient, it’s just so good. Buttery with a touch of vanilla.

Mixed berry pie is my absolute favourite, with the apple being a close second. I will fight small children off in order to get to a second piece of the pie…seriously, do yourself and your taste buds a favour…GO BUY THE PIE.

If you are heading to the south coast…

Now if you are heading south from Sydney then before you buy your pie you may as well stop off in Berry. A popular little town, that’s an easy two hours drive from Sydney so sees a lot of weekend people. Two foodie tips for here. One is the Woodfired Sourdough Bakery. A place so funky it hurts. Complete with funky french staff, with funky french accents and coffee that hits just the spot. This place gets busy so be prepared to wait if you want to eat in.

Now the second tip is a little more unusual. At the top of town is the Berry Community Craft shop. It backs on to a lovely park, perfect for a little break. A place where locals donate their hand made goodies, and then are sold to make a little profit for the shop, (like a CWA shop). A great array of jams, chutneys, marmalades and pickles. Wooden children’s toys and more knitted and crocheted goodies than you can poke a stick at. All very reasonably priced.

Three very different places that provide some really great food and you also get to support the local community.


25 thoughts on “3 reasons to eat locally on the south coast

  1. Heidi this post was bumped up with you in mind. All these places are at Sydney and Canberra doorsteps…if you were to jump on a plane that is 😉
    And yes, the pie is worthy of travelling day and night for.


    • LOL! Brydie,
      Between you and my niece there is an absolute campaign to get me on that plane!
      I am thinking VERY seriously about it. (And am very thankful that it won’t be until NEXT year that she will be stationed there. That gives me a whole lot of time to get ready!)


  2. I’ll have to make a note of these places so next time I’m driving out of Sydney on our way to Muswellbrook I can try everything! That pie looks great and love the cut out shape of the apple on top! I think I’d be heading in the right direction?


    • No, wrong way Yvette. You would have to swing right around to get to ‘The Pie’. I’m out of touch with foodie tips for heading north, I’m sure there are some wonderful ones though…probably time to revisit! (I’ve heard good things about Morpeth though, and I know that is on the way.)


  3. I love the sound of the Berry Community Craft shop…. I’ll definately pop in next time i’m down that way. The Berry markets are also worth checking out if you happen to be going through on the right Sunday. Lots of lovely handmade and home cooked.

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend on the southcoast. Isn’t Pebbly Beach lovely!


    • Pebbly Beach is gorgeous. Actually, so many of the beaches on the south coast are stunning. The concept of kangaroos dabbling in the waves just makes me smile, even though I’ve seen it a few times.
      I’ll keep an eye out for the markets- thanks for the tip!


  4. Brydie, I know exactly the pie shop in Berry you talk of…., its an awesome stop & I agree with you, fabulous pies there. In fact I’m a huge fan of most of the Sth Coast beaches & communities, lots to do and see.


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