Pan de Leche- the starfish

Ahhh….the monkeys off my back.

Not MY Monkeys, but this monkey, (my Monkeys are frequently on my back.)

The starfish. No more shall I go to sleep muttering the words…starfish, starfish….no more shall I wake with bleary eyes, poke around for my days clothing, and wander as if pulled by an invisible chain to the kitchen muttering…starfish, starfish…

After stumbling upon this post, mentioning it to Celia who in turn sent me the instructions, then prompted by Heidiannie, then again asked by Joanna, who also sent me this post….I really just had to do it then didn’t I.

Pan de Leche dough sounded right for it. Pliable, not as eggy as a challah, it rolled perfectly and tasted like brioche. Got to love anything that tastes like brioche.

Pan de Leche- the starfish

200mls luke warm milk

2 tps dry yeast

1 egg

100gms softened butter

1/4 cup raw sugar

450gms flour

3 tbs olive oil

1 tps salt

Mix yeast in luke warm milk and set aside for 10 minutes. Mix remaining ingredients together (I used a mixer with dough hook) and also adding milk. Once mixed together, knead well until smooth and elastic. Cover and leave until doubled in size. Divide dough into 16 equal portions. Roll each portion out into a long snake, (leaving one aside to become a disk). Each snake should be the same length.

From here on in please refer to these posts, (one and two) as they will describe what to do far better than I will. The only difference being for the centre, I made a dough disk of about 1cm high to fill in the hole and then wound round a three strand plait, then tucked in again for the centre. Just before popping it in the oven, I brushed it all with milk. Baked at 220C until tips golden and then turned the oven down to 180C for a little further cooking.

* I’ve had a few posts about bread making recently. For so many people bread is a daily staple that plays a big role in the days meals. Making your own I can’t recommend it enough. It certainly doesn’t have to be like this, nor sourdough (although I’m sure you would love it). A simple bread maker machine quite often is enough. Comparing it to so many available shop breads, there really is no comparison in taste. Even if you only made one loaf a week it’s worth it.

29 thoughts on “Pan de Leche- the starfish

    • It could be tweaked, but I was happy for a first run. I kept confusing myself with the four braid, and only got it down pat on the last leg. It fitted into a tray that’s probably 30cmx30cm, just!
      No party, but 4 willing mouths ready to break bread.


  1. Twinkle Twinkle! I was looking at the instructions for a 6 star this afternoon as I waited for some dough to rise, then I looked at the instructions for a 6 strand braid… and then I popped the dough into tins – as you have probably seen. When I make challah I will have a go, until then I shall just admire and admire again your beautiful construction! Lovely, lovely work!


  2. Wow and Yummo!!! That looks fantastic. And thank you for the great instructions.

    Have just found your blog through Tales From a Well-Stocked Larder and I totally love it. Have subscribed and all. Will be back to read all your adventures 🙂


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  4. My my, words fail me, you’ve surpassed yourself – there has got to be some prize or other out there for you to win. Wow

    BTW, you may not have seen it, but I did credit you with the plate idea on one of my previous posts.


  5. Bread porn at its finest. I finally have an oven back up and working, and was keen on making some brioche, but THIS – well, it’s just blown my crappy little notions out of the water 🙂


  6. Couldn’t agree more Brydie about it being well worth while trying bread making. I make no-knead bread for myself all the time (think you saw my post on it) and it’s sooooo much better than the commercial “stuff”!
    You’ve done so very well with your starfish! It looks perfect! Well done you!!! 🙂
    Thanks heaps for the visit.


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