5 tips for Clove Oil use

Clove Oil comes from the flower buds of a clove shrub or tree. It has many different uses. From being used in cooking (the dried spice) to numbing a painful tooth, to inhibiting the growth of mould. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used as an analgesic, expectorant also as a mood uplifter. This is another little to thing to add to your household must haves. (Along with Bicarbonate of Soda, Eucalyptus Oil and Vinegar.)

Clove Oil is very potent, and a strong skin irritant so be careful when using it, (also around kids).

5 Tips for Clove Oil Use

1/ Clove Oil is a mould inhibitor, so can easily be used for wooden furniture with mould spores. Clean area first then allow to dry. With a dry rag add a few drops of the oil and rub over the effected area. It will inhibit the growth of more mould.

2/ Clove Oil can also be used as a dental anaesthetic. Dip a cotton bud into the oil and then dab on to the tooth or surrounding gum area that hurts. It has a numbing effect.

3/ Used in aromatherapy, the oil has a calming effect on the nervous system. If using an oil burner, just one drop should do the trick and get the lovely smell wafting through the air.

4/ For mould in bathrooms, especially ceilings. First clean effected area with bicarb/vinegar solution, then using a spray bottle use diluted clove oil with water to spray on the effected area- this inhibits the growth of mould spores. A dry rag with a few drops on it and rubbed in to the area also works, (depends how high your ceilings are.) Big plus, it smells so much better than cleaning with every day cleaning chemicals.

5/ Clove Oil can be bought just at your local chemist, usually in the dental area.


11 thoughts on “5 tips for Clove Oil use

  1. Clove oil always makes me think of Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man 🙂 But very useful tip on the mould Brydie! Can I offer you my peppermint oil tip for deterring ants from coming in the house? A few drops on the threshold or windowsill and they just turn around and march off elsewhere. I wonder if clove oil would do the same?


  2. Thanks Brydie!
    I have been having a problem with little spots of mould growing on the wooden dining room table in he house by the Atlantic seashore. I have cleaned it everytime I go down and it is there waiting for me each time I return. I am using clove oil next time and maybe it will not recur this time. (I hope!)


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