Date and Orange Spiral Biscuits

Date and orange. The two flavour combinations had been stuck in my head and were not going anywhere. I wanted to play….

Date and Orange Icecream, Date and Orange Cake, Date and Orange Lamb Tagine, Date and Orange Sourdough…ok maybe not the last one…or mayyybbe…but certainly these little babies.

Date and Orange Spiral Biscuits

Date Mixture

300 gms Medjool Dates

1/2 grated orange rind

juice of 1 orange

In a pot slowly cook up mixture, until dates soften and mixture becomes like a thick paste. Cool.

Biscuit Dough

120gms softened butter

1/3 cup sugar

1/2 grated orange rind

1 beaten egg

1 cup plain flour

2/3 cup S/R flour

Cream the butter and sugar and then add the orange rind and beaten egg. Then add flours. KNead lightly and roll out on to a lightly floured surface. Roll to about 1cm thick.

Add date mixture to the dough, carefully spreading out mixture. Roll up and trim edges.

Gently pressing in the roll and turning as you go, to get any air spaces out. Cut to 1cm thickness, and line on a tray with baking paper. Bake at 180C for approx 30 minutes.


14 thoughts on “Date and Orange Spiral Biscuits

  1. How do you make everything look so absolutely perfect! Love the idea to combine date and orange. I had some date-orange-oat muffins from Ricki at Diet Dessert and Dogs and it was such a lovely combo.


  2. Mmm! These sound delicious!
    I usually make them around the holidays- but I haven’t ever added the orange.
    We call them Date Pinwheels.
    Great idea- great presentation- wonderful blog!


  3. I only turned on the computer to look up a recipe for pickled lemons and somehow got distracted and NOW completely distracted. Never mind pickled lemons, I want to make these – they look and sound wonderful and I so love dates – you’re brilliant.


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