Sourdough Flat bread

Sometimes I don’t feel like thinking “what am I going to cook for dinner”.  I really love cooking, but sometimes I get tired of trying to hide vegetables, mixing tasty and healthy together, and generally being in the kitchen…. Sometimes the call of the outside is just too strong and the The Monkeys are just begging for rumbles in a park, rather than watching me cook another dinner in the kitchen.

Times like that I cook Bolognese. Whats so exciting about that? It will last 3 days and no one will ever realise that just ate the same meal that got upcycled…huh?

Follow if you will…

Day One– Cook up a lovely BIG batch of Bolognese Sauce. Finely dice those all those vegetables so the kids/partners don’t actually suspect there might be a whole garden in there.

DINNER- Spaghetti BologneseBuon Apettito!

Day Two- Now in another pot add oil, lots of lovely cumin, coriander, red kidney beans and perhaps a little chilli. Now add it to your bolognese. Bolognese just turned into Mexican flavours. Cook up some rice and spoon your mexican beans on top. A dollop of sourcream on the side, and a wedge of lime.

DINNER- Mexican Beans and RicePass the Corona please.

Day Three– Now you still have a bit of the Bolognese/Mexican Beans in a pot but it surely isn’t enough to feed every one again. However if you add, a fried egg on top of the beans, some chopped up fresh tomato, spanish onion, coriander, a little avocado and a dollop of the sour cream, and serve with some lovely flat bread, your away.

DINNER- Huevos RancherosWould please any Mariachi band member.

I didn’t ‘pretty’ this one up at all. But you get the picture.

Sourdough Flatbreads

1 cup of sourdough starter

1 1/2 cups flour

1/2 tps salt

1/2 tps bicarb soda

1 1/2 tbs olive oil

water (I’m not sure how much I put in, go slowly until the right consistancy)

Let it rise in a lovely warm spot until double in size. A quick knead, and then divide into equal balls. Rolling dough out until quite flat, then cook under the grill and turning once. Should cook in just a couple of minutes. Serve straight away or freeze them for a rainy day.


27 thoughts on “Sourdough Flat bread

  1. haha. the more I try to pretty things up, the uglier it gets! Better to throw it call together and call it rustic.

    It is true what they say about baking bread in the house. Nothing smells quite like home like bread baking in the oven.


  2. Great idea – 3 meals in one is just what is needed for busy folk. And a recipe for sourdough flatbreads – yi ha, I’m going to be making myself some of them for sure – thanks.


  3. Great looking flatbreads, Brydie! Heidi, I cook ours in a non-stick frying pan but they’re generally yeasted rather than sourdough.

    Brydie, love the three day mince sauce, and would like to suggest a fourth and fifth incarnation – Bolognese/Mexican pizza and lasagne or pasta bake. Sometimes we cook up a vat of sauce and freeze it in portions for when things get a bit hairy time-wise.. 🙂


  4. if i love anything, it’s a dish that can have a second shine. and a third. and fourth. and …. i’m dizzy with possibility. i cannot stand wasting food, but i guess i’ve spoilt my guys, because it’s rare they’ll eat the same things twice in a row. so whenever i have leftovers, i have to disguise them into something new. bolognese sounds good!


    • You know what I have standards too. I’m not sure why, my husband doesn’t understand it. He couldn’t care less if he ate the same meal 3 days in row- but I can’t do it. I have to disguise it and make it look at least like I made an effort again. Kids have gotten used to that as well, and turn their noses up at same repeats…Damn those standards!


  5. I always have great intentions of doing stuff like this & my even more organised side whispers to cook a few meals at once & freeze them.., but I never seem to ever do it. You have shamed me into action girlfriend. Thanks


  6. I must have missed this one! What a great post, I love morphing meals – I’ve finally persuaded Brian that it is a good thing to boil twice as many potatoes as are needed for one meal and then you have cold potatoes to do so many great things with the next day. Even mash some into your sourdough and make stotties if you are so inclined. The one I haven’t done yet is the one where you collect your left over cakes and breads and make some sort of custard and rebake and present it as a whole new dessert! I am sure Celia did it one time… but there are many fragments lost in the freezer, that say things like ‘meat sauce, hot’ or ‘meat for pie?’ and then I have to play detective….


    • I made these flat breads again yesterday. So, so easy. Five minutes to mix ingredients, a few hours to let it think, rolled out thin and cooked under the grill. We ate it with labneh, tomato, and a little olive oil drizzled over.
      I know what you mean about the detective work in the freezer. I keep thinking I really need to label things better, but then think nahh, I’ll work it out. :-/


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